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Hi I'm Kadira Jennings, welcome to Unfolding Creativity, a portal to Abundance Through Creativity.

I am a creative artist celebrating and encouraging the creative in all of us.

My blog is a discussion, and creativity resource. Please take your time, look around and join the conversation if you would like to.
It is my passionate belief that we all have deep within us a creative genius just waiting for half a chance to get out no matter what field we work or play in.

''There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost. The world will not have it.''
Martha Graham

Latest Work From Kadiras Easel

My Latest work is a continuation of the dress series, which is an allegory of the Mythic Journey. What is the Mythic Journey? If you have been following this series, you will have noticed that the dresses are emerging slowly from the darkness into the light.

Dancing In The Dark, Kadira Jennings

Dancing In The Dark

Dancing In The Dark I

Dancing In The Dark I








The Mythic Journey often referred to as The Hero’s Journey is perhaps.  a handbook to human life. The journey often takes the hero from the conflicts of family and childhood, through problems of love, intimacy, and ambition, and ultimately to the point when we must face our own mortality. The Hero discovers that;

  • True self-knowledge comes through facing life’s challenges with courage and strength.
  • Beauty, power,  wealth and talent, all bring their own forms of suffering.
  • Our hero or heroine discovers that in the darkness of loneliness, failure, and loss, one can always discovered new light and new hope.

We are all somewhere on this journey. Although not many want to admit it.

This journey was highlighted for me by the revelations of the first painting . This was a deep grief around giving up dancing in my early teens which had been hidden deep down for years. In fact i had no idea until i began work on the painting.

I am now working on the emergence from the dark.  The dark night of the soul.  Here are the preliminary workings..

Latest works Mythic Journey 1aLatest Works Mythic Journey 1b

And so it slowly unfolds…..

Kadiras Works Mythic Journey 1c

Mythic Journey 1d












Stroke by stroke….. until it’s finished!


Mythic Journey 1eMythic Journey 1f

Look For Next Thursday’s Post: Take a look at the next work in this series.

Posted By: Kadira Jennings

Creating Art

Creating Art is something creative people are driven to do. Well yes, I know that’s stating the obvious, however it is important and hence the emphasis.
Art touches our lives – all our lives, in some way every day. You know that’s a thought I’ve only just had! Have you ever thought about that? How many things have you looked at, used  or noticed today, that were involved in the creative process in some way?  Well If you can’t think of anything, look again – every single thing in this world, whether made by man or God, began as a creative thought in someone’s head. God is Creating Art on a grand scale, while we mostly offer up a pale imitation of that.  Well that’s to be expected don’t you think – we’re working with finite resources after all!

Creating Art -  cathedral cove photo

Creating art – the ultimate Creator at work!

Of course there is the age-old debate about what is art, real art, and so forth.  So much of what is ‘accepted’ in the ‘Art World’, the world of galleries and museums, is all about who you know and how much BS you can rave on about.

Creating art - the Pieta photo

The Pieta – a truly moving work of art. Standing in the presence of this sculpture, one experiences a profound connection to the piece – it is extraordinary.


Some art will demand an emotional response from us – depending on where our hearts are, at the time, this response may be joyful or painful – it is different for everyone. Truly great art will stand the test of time, however unfortunately, much of it never sees the light of day, or is hidden away in people’s private collections.

Consider how people line up around the block and camp out overnight to buy a new iPhone when it comes out.  What drives them to do this? We don’t quite see this level of passion when it comes to buying the art work of well-known living artists. However truly admired ones will have their shows sell out before the opening night even. I believe many of these buyers, although they may like the artist’s work a lot, really have just as much of an eye on the potential of the piece to gain in value.  It is an investment. An iPhone is a shiny plaything!

Although I said last week that I would be posting more about the dresses this week, I have decided to put that off till next week.  As I’ve changed somewhat, how I’m posting on the blog, I’ve decided to keep you updated with my work every second week and on the other week to post my usual content about Art Practice, Creativity and general things of interest to creative folk.

This week’s question: What creative works ignite your passion and inspire you to create art?

Look For Next Thursday’s Post: Works in progress. Where are the dresses going?

Posted by: Kadira Jennings



Photo by John Englart (Takver)

Photo by archer10 (Dennis) (3 DAYS TO GO)

Getting Back To Work

back to work photo

So, getting back to work again after a longish break is never that easy. Sometimes it takes a lot of talking sternly to oneself.

As you know, if you have been reading my blog for a while, I’ve been working through some deep processing in relation to the direction my work is heading.

This has led to an understanding of where to go next and meant finding a way to bridge the gap between where I am now and where I want to go. I am currently engaged in a series of works that examine the relationships between  clothes, feelings and dance.

The first work in the series became an education in something lost and something found.  There is a lesson here for all of us.  You cannot separate yourself from your art. Art is the expression of your creative self.  No matter what you choose to craft – a film, a painting, a novel, it says something about who you are because you are the one who chose that particular thing to do and share with the world.


This creative expression becomes intrinsic to the full exploration of our lives. Without it we tend to stutter and splutter, stall and fade.  We are not following our ‘raison d’etre’. I kept the first source image of the dresses for many months before beginning the painting.  I didn’t know why I was so drawn to it, I just was. When I finally began the work, oh heavens, the flood gates opened and the tears poured forth.  I realized the work wasn’t about dresses at all.  It was about dancing.  It was about the dancing I’d given up as a teenager for all the wrong reasons and the painting allowed me to grieve for the dancer I never was. How many unacknowledged griefs do you have in your own life?

The challenge is to be alert enough to signals/signs from the universe God, the great spirit – what ever you want to call it/him/her. Pay attention to things that catch your attention, that you are drawn to – even if you don’t understand why at the time.  Painting can be far more than paint on canvas, if you will allow it to be.

After the initial painting of this image, more have emerged, I will share painting number 2 with you in the next post.

This week’s question: How many unacknowledged griefs do you have in your own life, and how might they be blocking you?

Look For Next Thursday’s Post: More on the development of the dress series.

Posted by: Kadira Jennings

Photo by comedy_nose

Sacred Time

Sacred Time – what is that?

Simply put, sacred time is time that you earmark for you and you alone. As an artist, you need alone time – no one else around. If you can’t find time for aloneness or you are not comfortable with it, you might need to have a think

Sacred Time, solitary figure photo


about why that is. Yes we are alone in the studio, however we also need to create space and time for just being, with ourselves – a walk on the beach, by a lake or in the park – somewhere outdoors, is great for charging your batteries and refreshing your head space.

Sacred Time artist painting photo


The you can get into the studio with fresh spirit.

However something else that really needs to happen is for your studio space to be a designated, off-limits area to others when you are in there working. It is your Sacred Space for creating.  You need to be able to feel that it is your space to control in every aspect of what happens in it.

Sacred Time,art studio photo

 This can be a very difficult boundary to get happening as the significant others in our lives often don’t see that we are actually engaged in doing something important. Not only do they not see that they are encroaching on our creative space boundaries, even more importantly, they don’t see that they are stealing our precious time away. Your Sacred Time.  Time is your most precious resource.  It is expendable yet unrenewable. Guard it and jealously hoard it, so you then have an abundance of it to splurge on your creative works when you need to.  Don’t allow others to steal it, waste it or dribble it away from you. Time is more precious than diamonds.

Can you show me an artist who has enough time for painting? Aren’t we always scrounging for those extra minutes somewhere and yet we allow others to steal them away….. Be strong.  Stand up for your Artist/Creator. Don’t think other people are more important than you getting your creative visions into reality.  Why? Because no one else has your vision – they can’t do it – only you can.  So Do IT!

Posted by: Kadira Jennings

Photo by Key Foster

Young artist pix by Ben_Kerckx (Pixabay)

Photo by Clay Gilliland

!!!!Happy New Year!!!!

                     !!!!Happy New Year!!!!


Hello Everyone! Welcome to the New Year, New Beginnings – a Fresh Start! Of course we welcome it in with a big

New Year

New Year


A new year always brings those thoughts of GOALS and new resolve. I’d like to talk about that for a bit. It’s all very well to have a goal, however is your goal like this?

new year How clear is your goal?

A bit fuzzy perhaps?


Yes you have a big goal, but no details yet.

Or maybe you have more than one goal – lovely shiny objects!

new year goals - shiny objects

How clear are they?Is there too much background clutter – other things competing for your attention?

Or is your goal focused?

New Year - A focused goal

A focused goal

OK you’ve picked one  – its shiny, its bright, its colourful, promising – so what’s next?

  • Well if you have more than one, which one comes first?
  • Do you have the same clarity round all of them?
  • Is one goal bigger than the other?
  • When do you want to achieve it by – very important?

So that’s a few thoughts on goals – food for thought perhaps.  I find if I’m not careful, I end up with great lists of goals and swamp myself and end up achieving very few of them.

Have a wonderful 2015 everyone and I look forward to sharing more thoughts on art, creativity and all that stuff – in the coming year.


Posted by: Kadira Jennings

Pix Credits: Kadira Jennings


Artistic Process

Artistic Process

Well there are many elements to the creation of a work of art as I’m sure you well know. Today what I want to focus on in that artistic process is something that doesn’t get talked about really all that much, and that is the internal journey.

For me at the moment the internal journey is taking centre stage.  The brush is nowhere near the canvas, however the pencil is upon the paper. To aid me in the unfolding of this artistic process I have recently bought Jean Houston’s course ‘Awakening To Your Life’s Purpose’. Well it is pure gold.  She has many exercises both physical and mental to help you develop your senses and abilities to a higher level.  She gets you to work with your mind and internal senses in order to strengthen and develop your outer senses and abilities.  These techniques have been used by musicians, athletes, famous politicians and many others.

artistic process Jean Houston and Oprah

Jean Houston and Oprah

Here is a link to a free online course The 3 keys to discovering and living your life’s purpose, if you are interested. Even to increase just your skill levels in any chosen area, this is a learning opportunity that gives great insight into how you can progress rapidly.

For those of you who have been plying your craft for upward of five years now, how much thought have you put into the following questions. And even if you are a newbie here are some thoughts for a bit later on….

1. Is there a deeper purpose to my art?

2. Am I just content with making pretty pictures?

3. Why am I an Artist?

4. What intrinsic value does my art have?

Can you answer these questions? If you can’t I suggest you take a look at Jean Houston’s material.  I want you to know that I am not receiving any commission etc for promoting Jean’s work I just know it’s helping me and I am sure it can help you too!

Next Week’s Post: Some art works have made it back into the studio!


Pix Credit: http://bit.ly/1sOaGOm


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