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Hi I'm Kadira Jennings, welcome to Unfolding Creativity, a portal to Abundance Through Creativity.

I am a creative artist celebrating and encouraging the creative in all of us.

My blog is a discussion, and creativity resource. Please take your time, look around and join the conversation if you would like to.
It is my passionate belief that we all have deep within us a creative genius just waiting for half a chance to get out no matter what field we work or play in.

''There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost. The world will not have it.''
Martha Graham

What Kind of Business Is Art? 

Is art a real business?Are you wanting to sell your paintings?  Most artists come to a point somewhere along the way, when they decide it is time to begin looking at selling some of their work, usually for one or both of the following reasons.

  • They have run out of room to store their work.  Every wall is hung with paintings and the garage is full up and the studio is overflowing.
What Kind of Business Is Art

Too Many Paintings

  • The other reason is because you have run out of money to buy new art materials and want to keep going!

So if you are an artist – what is your business really?

  •  Is it making paintings – producing something? 
  • Is it marketing those products?
  • Or are you in the business of Selling

Well the bad news  is that –

Your business is not painting, or writing poetry, or directing movies. These are products that you are producing. 

You are in a business making products that you are SELLING – oops, there’s that horrible word again!

However what is even more important to understand is WHAT  exactly you are selling. Now you are more than likely thinking – “Is she mad? I’m selling paintings, or books or whatever the creative thing is that is being sold.”  Well actually you are not. 

This then naturally segues into a conversation about the value of art. Which I will cover in a later post.  Suffice to say for the moment that in order to sell anything well, you must understand the need that you are filling in the person who is buying that thing.

What is someone looking for when they buy an art work?  Can you answer that question? Why? Because this is what you are really selling. If your works are about children for example, you might be actually selling parent hood feelings, or nostalgia. 


This Weeks Question: What kind of person might want your art work?

Look For Next Thursday’s Post: Announcing – An Upcoming Exhibition



10 Things Every Artist Must Have

Have you ever wondered if there are some things that an artist really ought to have?

Well here’s my list of 10 things every artist must have.
Not to say they are necessarily in order of importance, and you might want different things on your list…… well it’s a bit of fun and food for thought. Also  some of the items actually contain more than one thing, are collections perhaps?

10 things every artist must have,Kadira Jennings

Creative Thinking Hat

  1. A Creative Thinking Hat  – or some other thing that you wear or have about your person that gets you in the mood for creativity.
  2. A wonderful collection of inspiring music to listen to as you create.  This of course will be different for everyone.  Did you know that classical music of the Baroque variety, actually stimulates the creative side of the brain and gets you in the zone more easily?
  3. A support person you can rely on to prop you up when you are flagging, to kick you out of your creative doldrums or, offer a shoulder to cry on when it is all too much.
  4. A mentor, who would not be the person mentioned in number three.  This is someone more advanced than you in your chosen field, to offer you unbiased criticism and sage advice.
  5. A list of places to go and things to do on your Artist Dates.
  6. A network of people to help you on the sales side of your business.  This might include people like your accountant, web designer, gallerists and so forth.
  7. A Mastermind Group of other artists that you meet with on a regular basis and who support you in your business and creative practice.
  8. A Creative Journal which documents your ideas, thoughts, works in progress and inspirations.
10 things every artist should have,Art Journal Page

Art Journal Page

9. A fabulous, user-friendly website that must be mobile friendly as well, that showcases your work to its best advantage.

10. An awesome digital portfolio on your iPad or tablet that you take with you wherever you go and show to as many people as possible!

So that’s it.

This Weeks Question:  How many of these ten things do you have?

Look For Next Thursday’s Post: Latest paintings.


Hot off the Easel this week is the triptych I have been working on for the last few weeks. A triptych is always a bit of a tricky thing to tackle, because you really want each panel to work separately in its own right, while at the same time working in nicely with all the other ones. 

Two weeks ago I shared with you the underpainting I was doing on this work. Here are some updates on that process….

Hot Off the Easel

Underpainting of the middle painting


Hot Off The Easel,Painting process

Much of a first layer of the middle panel is painted



















And below is the finished painting. It measures 24″x66″.  If you would like to see more about this painting visit my Artist Website.




Dancing With The wind -Triptych,Hot off the easel

Dancing With The wind triptych


This Weeks Question: How are you travelling with your own creativity?

Look For Next Thursday’s Post: 10 Things every artist Must Have!

Art Express

The Art Express – an exhibition worth seeing.

The Art Express is held every year in Sydney. It is a collection of works from HSC students and contains a pick from the best students.

 Here are some of them to whet your appetite.


There was a great variety of work from Digital Media to clay work, drawing and paintings

The exhibition runs until April 19th so there is still time to take a look if you can get there.








The the work above, took out the Julian Ashton full Scholarship prize. So if you can manage it, you might find some inspiration and it is a great place to go for an artist date.


Not to mention the wonderful bookshop they have there…… I managed to come out $200 poorer after I had seen this exhibition.  I found some wonderful books, some of which I will share with you in up coming posts.


This Weeks Question: What was the last thing that really inspired you, and what was it about that thing that got your creative juices flowing?

Look For Next Thursday’s Post:  What’s hot off the easel now?



Colour Mixing Complementary Colours

For this subject, colour mixing complementary colours I thought I’d do something easy, like take a short video of me working.  Well it was a great idea, but as so often happens with great ideas, they don’t quite work out the way you thought they would.  You know all the technical things you don’t think of.

So …. here’s me thinking – I’ll just take a quick video with my iPhone – lots of people do it – how hard can it be?

  • Only trouble with that, is then you want to edit it – so of course I’m looking for the Windows movie editing program
  • Find it and install it, only to discover they have taken pretty much anything useful out of it now.
  •  Then begins a search for a previous version I can download.  Yes I found it, installed it and there’s still problems.
  • By the end of the day most of them were ironed out and in walks my partner who tells me, after my explanation of the day’s frustrations, that he has a movie editing program unused in a box in his office!!!  Grrrr…. Oh Thank you so much !!!! LOL!
Colour Mixing complementary colours, Frustration Hits

Frustration Hits


  • So then begins a vertical curve of installing and learning the new program!
  • Finally all done and rendered only to find volume track – too loud , TWICE!

So please look kindly upon this first offering from my studio. Here it is warts (mistakes) and all. All perfectionists – Don’t Watch!  I’m on a learning curve here folks!

YouTube Preview Image

This video only shows the mixing of the colours.  Below are some close ups of the painting once the colour was added.


Complementary colour mixing

Complementary colour mixing


Colour Mixing complementary colours



This Weeks Question: Are you letting mistakes hold you back?

Look For Next Thursday’s Post:  An exhibition worth taking a look at.


Kadiras Latest Work

Mythic Journey III

Mythic Journey III

So you’ve been seeing snippets of this work and it is finally done. This weeks post is short and sweet, with a glimpse of the work that’s been coming for the last month and a sneak preview of what’s being worked up on the easel at the moment.

Please bear in mind that the images you are seeing below are those of works in progress. The finished work will be completely different.  I have 5 paintings on the go at the moment, 4 small ones which are part of a quadriptych and a larger one, which is a bigger version of one of the smaller ones. In fact I began with a bigger version of the painting in last week’s post, Study I  and decided to do a study for it before I painted the larger painting.

After completing the smaller study, it seemed that it might make a nice series of smaller paintings, which I promptly decided to do.

Here are the beginnings. These under layers are all done in acrylic paints.

Panel 3 Layer I

Panel I Layer I

Panel 3 Layer II

Panel I Layer II

Panel 3 Layer I

Panel III Layer I


This Weeks Question: What layers of meaning inform your work?

Look For Next Thursday’s Post: A look at mixing subtle darks from complementary colours.

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