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Hi I'm Kadira Jennings, welcome to Unfolding Creativity, a portal to Abundance Through Creativity.

I am a creative artist celebrating and encouraging the creative in all of us.

My blog is a discussion, and creativity resource. Please take your time, look around and join the conversation if you would like to.
It is my passionate belief that we all have deep within us a creative genius just waiting for half a chance to get out no matter what field we work or play in.

''There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost. The world will not have it.''
Martha Graham

The life of an artist

The life of an artist is a subject I’ve been discussing recently on the blog, taking a look at what that entails. Last week I looked at some of the more negative aspects of an artist’s life. This week I’m going to take a look at the positive, what is the upside?

The Life of an artist

I guess like anyone in a small business an artist can actually do whatever they want whenever they want.

The Life of an artist

Whether that’s walking on the beach or if you want to sleep all day, that you can do. You can work whenever you wish to whether it’s through the middle of the night as some artists do and indeed I used to, or whether you get up early and do the main bulk of your work early in the morning. This is a decision that is entirely up to you. You have no boss to answer to and the only driver is yourself. That in itself of course, can be a problem.  If you are not a good driver it can be easy to veer off course, or even start reversing your bus and go backwards.  This is one of the reasons why it is important for any solo entrepreneur to have a support system in place. More on that in a later post…

What are the benefits of being an artist?

  • Actually there are many.  I believe one of the biggest is being able to spend much of your day doing something that you love. How many people can say they are doing something they love during their working hours?
  • Yes there are times, probably half of the week, when there is the challenge of putting your marketing hat on and getting out there and having your work seen. However it is necessary or I’m not going to become recognized without doing it. Artists need to understand, that this part of their business needs to have just as much loving attention as the paintbrush on a canvas receives.  
  • Another benefit is the flexibility I have, not only with working hours, but being able to do things I like, such as an artist date, which is part of my art practice. This is a  time you take out to go and experience something in the world and endeavor to be very present during the experience. It is something that you do alone and is an important part of the creative practice where you are subconsciously collecting data and storing it away.
    I find it actually quite challenging to get myself out of the studio as there always seems to be something else to be done.  However when I do throw myself out the door I thoroughly enjoy it.
  • I don’t know if it’s just me but it seems that the human condition is often a contrary one. Why is it that we have such a hard time doing the things that we love and yet a sense of duty and commitment makes us hang in there, day after day doing something we don’t like? Strange don’t you think?

This Weeks Question: What elements about the life of an artist, do you think are most appealing?

Next week look for:  Whats happening in the studio?

An artist’s life is a complex thing

Artist's Life, Painting

Artist’s Life, Painting

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an artist. Well an artist’s life is not all plain sailing. One of the problems with being an artist is that we are rarely ever able to completely support ourselves from our art work. This therefore necessitates having at least one, or maybe even two other jobs.

Artist's Life, Colour mixing workshop

Artist’s Life, Colour mixing workshop

Now I’m lucky, because I’m able to create an income from teaching art. However not everyone else is as lucky as I am in this regard. This also is a mixed blessing because it means that I am really operating not just one business but two. This is where it all gets very tricky because you need enough time to paint, but you also have to manage running a complete other business at the same time. What I have found is that the more organised I am the better things work out for me. I therefore need to have streamlined systems in place that will work easily for me.
When I don’t have the systems I find myself becoming incredibly muddled, I get sidetracked easily, and I end up wasting copious amounts of my precious time.
The other downside of running your own business or businesses is that of course you don’t get paid holidays like somebody who’s on a salary. Therefore if I want to go away I need to have enough money to cover not only my travelling expenses but also home expenses that continue on while I’m not even there.

This Weeks Question: What is the down side of the job you work in and do the benefits outweigh the negatives?

Look For Next Week’s Post:Taking a look at the positive side of The Artist’s life, the blessings and the highs.



No More Mud – Colour Mixing Workbook

I am excited to announce my first e-book the No More Mud – colour mixing workbook.

This Workbook is a definitive guide to understanding the complexities of colour mixing, in a simple step by step format. It demystifies a subject that has many beginning and self-taught artists shaking their heads at their colour mixing results.

Colour mixing workbook

Working from the colour mixing workbook

There are many hands on exercises to do in the workbook and if you follow them in a sequential order, by the end of the book you will understand how to mix pure, or muddy colours at will.

The workbook looks at the flaws in the 3 primary colour system of mixing colours, promotes the 6 colour system and introduces the concept of colour buddies. The colour buddy system helps you get your head around what is going on ‘ínside’ the colours you are mixing, which leads to integrating the material in a more easily remembered fashion.  

As well as the above basics of colour mixing, the book takes a look at the all important aspect of tone and the nature and use of complementary colours.


This e-book comes in an A6 landscape format and can easily be printed out, cut in half and put together.


This Weeks Question: Do you really understand colour mixing and would you like an easy way to understand it?

Look For Next Week’s Post:An artist’s life is a complex thing.


Leonie Dawson – A magician when it comes to business planning!



 Leonie Dawson’s amazing biz, year planning book, was introduced to me last week, by one of my friends – after I’d written my post on New Year planning.  I ordered it and it arrived within a couple of days. As Leonie says…


‘New Year’s resolutions and goals have a bit of a reputation of being a one-night stand kinda relationship. They don’t last long, they don’t create profound change and what’s more we usually have regrets and hang-ups about them.’


Leonie Dawson's Workbooks

Leonie Dawson’s Workbooks

Above is a page from my big year planner and the cover of the Diary.

Here are the comments of Michelle K Mendeli Life Coach + Intuitive Oracle Reader after her experience with this book.

“The workbook helps me in so many ways. When I first discovered it, a friend of mine suggested it to me. I decided to give it a whirl. I was in the darkest place I’ve ever been in my life so I thought: What the hell!

I completed the workbook, listing all my goals and planning out the year ahead. I was a bit skeptical that this would work at all. As my year unfolded, I realized that I was completing goals, taking action, and DOING SOMETHING about my life. This tool has been an incredible resource for me. It is something I carry with me on a regular basis and frequently refer back to. I plan on keeping them all as a record of how awesome I am and can be. It is proof that I am a survivor. I am the creator of my life. I am a warrior and I have taken back my life!

Because of “Create Your Shining Year in life & Biz Workbook, I doubled my income and audience”


Leonie Dawson,My Shining Year


Now, I have only just begun working with the Create Your Shining Year Workbook and I have to tell you it’s already made an amazing change for me. I have been putting on my New Years list, for the last 3 years, that I’m going to produce an e-book. After working through the first few pages and writing down goals for this year I got inspired to  commit a certain amount of time each week to working on my ebooks.

Already within the first week because I scheduled the time and Did It, I now have one ebook almost ready to go online.  The book was already written – has been for the last two years. This is awesome!! I can’t believe this workbook actually made me do it, finally!
Now I’ve only done the first few pages and already I’m making changes which is why I really wanted to share this product with you. (In fact I love it so much I’ve become an Affiliate). Not only is there a way to plan and really look at your business, but it’s presented in a really fun way as well.

So are you ready for 2016 to be your most incredible year yet, in life or in business (or gasp! in BOTH?) Well I know I am! These books can do that … easily, cheaply + powerfully.


Leonie Dawson


This Weeks Question: How well have your goals stuck in the past? What are you going to do differently this year.

Look For Next Week’s Post:An artist’s life is a complex thing.

Creative Thinking – Basic Tools

This post offers a new way of coming at our New Year goals. First I want to share with you some thoughts on the creative thinking process and then take a look at how we can apply them to the subject of goal planning.

creative thinking photo

There are three basic principles behind all tools for creative thinking. 
These tools are attention, escape, and movement. Even though we may come across many different creative thinking techniques, the core principle behind all of them involves one of these three things.
So what do we mean by attention, escape, or movement. The word attention relates to the focus of our attention, in other words where are you focusing your attention, what are you focusing it on? Escape refers to escaping the current reality and movement is about continuing mental movement. What I find fascinating is that these principles can be applied to pretty much any given situation.

How might this work in relation to charting our a New Year’s goals then? 

You would need to begin by focusing your attention on what you achieved the previous year. Make a list of milestones. Let’s say for example you had 2 group exhibitions and entered 3 art prizes, however had only limited sales from these events. Do you want a different result in the coming year, if so changing your results requires change at a fundamental level. 

Now if you apply – escaping current reality to the problem, you might think about it like this … 

Begin by asking questions like

What if I took a different approach?

Do you know anything about the Law of Attraction? If you don’t – this could be an avenue to check out.  If you do, look at your results in terms of what you actually attracted (created) for yourself in terms of sales.  Could this have had anything to do with your own mindset? 

law of attraction photo

Lastly, applying the principle of movement to these thoughts, do two things.  Firstly keep exploring the suggested avenue and come up with an alternative solution to what you’ve done before.  Remember that if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you will get the same thing you always have. Secondly go back to the problem again and look to see if there are other unique steps or actions you can take that will give you a different outcome to that already achieved. Allow your mind to wander at random. Look for  things you wouldn’t normally expect. Write everything down.


This Weeks Question: Changing our results requires change at a fundamental level. What fundamental changes will you make this year? 

Look For Next Week’s Post: A fabulous new resource for planning your year – just come to hand!!



Pix Credit: KERBSTONE (Pixabay)

Pix Credit: Expectation Vortex Fun Time by kelly cree

Photo by kelly cree

new year photo


Well Christmas has been and gone in it’s usual frenzied fashion. The  New Year is upon us and indeed we are into it already… after the dust of the New Year celebrations has settled, perhaps you can find time for a little reflection. But we do that don’t we? We think about the previous year, maybe we even get out our last New Year’s resolutions and discover that we didn’t even manage to fulfill half of them. You know how it is… it seems there are always some resolutions that you keep taking over from one year to the next. What kind of things might they be? Well… lose weight, get up early, meditate, join the gym, spend two hours a day painting and so on.

Why do you think it is that we seem to be unable to reach some of these goals? Well the likely answer is, that it’s not really important to us. Even though we might like to think these things are a priority, our past and present actions tell us what is really important to us.

So if you are not spending enough time painting, or marketing your own art business or whatever it might be that you aren’t doing, the unfortunate truth is, that it is just not that important to you. The New Year is a good time for a reappraisal your goals. What do you really, really, really want? Here is an exercise for you. Take your  journal, or a piece of paper and at the top of it write:


Then using bullet points , proceed to write down as many things as you can think of that you do really, really, really want. And only put them if you really, really, really want them. If you can’t put 3 reallys  then you probably don’t really want the thing.  

This is a good way to put together a wish list for 2016  !!Happy New Year!!

new year 2016 photo


This Weeks Question: What are your New Year’s resolutions for 2016? 

Look For Next Week’s Post: More on Yearly Planning

FUTURE POSTS: Please take note that I am going to return to posting on my Monday as I’ve found Sunday posting really a struggle.  Sorry for the muck around, but Life is just too busy at the moment.  So my next post will be on MONDAY THE 11TH JANUARY 2016


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