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Hi I'm Kadira Jennings, welcome to Unfolding Creativity, a portal to Abundance Through Creativity.

I am a creative artist celebrating and encouraging the creative in all of us.

My blog is a discussion, and creativity resource. Please take your time, look around and join the conversation if you would like to.
It is my passionate belief that we all have deep within us a creative genius just waiting for half a chance to get out no matter what field we work or play in.

''There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost. The world will not have it.''
Martha Graham

New Beginnings

New Beginnings…..

Sometimes new beginnings require getting rid of the old or decluttering.  Well this might look a tad cluttered still, however there were several paintings hanging all around the walls. There was such a different vibe in this space once I took all the paintings out of it.  It’s almost as if they were all shouting at me and vying for attention.

New Beginnings

Empty Studio


The refreshing thing about all of this is that I have a much clearer head space.  So the last week has been a case of regrouping and a lot of internal work.  I’ve begun an amazing self-development on-line course with Jean Houston which is aimed at developing our more subtle gifts and senses, with the goal of really digging down into what is truly our higher purpose in life.  I have included a link to Jeans website where she gives a free webinar which gives you some insight into what she teaches.

I am 2 weeks into her course Awakening To Your Life’s Purpose and honestly – I’m blown away!! So although the brushes aren’t doing mileage on the canvas currently – there are huge strides being made in other directions.

Until next week ….. Keep on creating

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Mondays Post – Important Blog News

This will be my last Mondays Post -

Momdays post moving photo

Moving to Thursday – come with me!

For the full story – please take a look at last Thursday’s post.

From now, I am going to only post on Thursdays. I am cutting back my blog posts to 1 day a week again and changing the nature of the blog to some extent. All posts will be about the creative journey of the artist – my self or others as information comes to hand. I may miss some weeks – or not. For 5 years now I have blogged Mondays post every week and I thank those of you who are regular readers for coming to listen to my words. I trust there have been some insights for you along the way.

I am sad to take this step, however my own creative journey requires it at this time. Please come and visit on Thursdays. I encourage you to come and comment and share your journey as well.

Thank you everyone – Kadira

Photo by VinothChandar

Creative Challenge

landslide photo

Well a creative challenge is one phrase for last week, ‘complete road block’, might be another. There comes a time in every artist’s life when you question your everything. Your work; competency, subject matter, style, value, worth in both a monetary and emotional context, even your ‘raison d’être. Well it’s been one of those weeks for me.

Some call it ‘the dark night of the soul’ and keep digging, while others rush off to the doctor and get something to make the mental and emotional pain go away. Others check them selves into a psychiatric facility and still others hit their drug of choice. The Moon - Tarot card is symbolic of this journey.

creative challenge - the moon

 creative challenge - the moon the moon

When you hit this pit or mountain in your road, what will you do? Cry a lot, soul search, write, walk, pace the floor at night – I’ve done all of the above this week.  It seems that from time to time, in my experience, this is what the creative journey requires.  We have to stop and reassess. sometimes our core foundations have been undermined.  My big question word this week was all about Value.

landslide photo

 Something I learnt this week is that when you are working through a creative challenge of this magnitude,  it is impossible to gain clarity when your life is cluttered with your past perceptions.  Yes we are at this point today built on our past, however we can choose something different.  What is needed is perspective and distance.  It’s not all about putting brush to canvas or pen to paper.


Why am I telling you all this.  Because part of my conclusions this week are that I have to make more time somehow for my creative process.  Something has to go. Here are the decisions I made.  I am sharing with you so that if you  find yourself in this place one day, my experience and insights may help you in your journey.


  1. To cut back my blog posts to 1 day a week again and change the nature of the blog to some extent.  I am going to only post on Thursdays from now on and all posts will be about the creative journey of the artist – my self or others as information comes to hand.  I may miss some weeks – or not.  For 5 years now I have blogged every week and I thank those of you who are regular readers for coming to listen to my words. I trust there have been some insights for you along the way.
  2. I have totally cleared my studio of all works – wow what a different energy there is in there now – it’s literally a blank canvas, ready for when I am ready to begin again.
  3. I need to take some time out to really work through on an emotional and mental level, exactly where I’m going.  Meditate, breathe, walk, do artist dates and morning pages.  To help me with this I’m walking with Julia Cameron using her creative recovery books to help me.  She has so much insight – the mentor every artist needs, whether you are in a block or not.  I highly recommend her work.

Photo by Seattle Municipal Archives

Photo by Seattle Municipal Archives


Photo by Joelk75

Adobe and Moleskin Team Up

Adobe and Moleskin Team UP
I thought that this week I would do something a little different and review a new product that’s out there. It seems that everyone is going Smart these days. The Adobe and Moleskin Team Up is something that will come as a godsend to many artists.

Adobe Creative Cloud + Moleskine Smart Notebook

Moleskin has teamed up with other players in the past, such as Evernote and Livescribe, however their latest foray is a collaboration with Adobe, which has resulted in the Moleskine Smart Notebook and accompanying Creative Cloud app. What this has produced is an easy way to turn work on paper into JPG or SVG file, for use in Photoshop or Illustrator. Not only that, the work can be made with any implement you choose. Sounds pretty awesome doesn’t it.
I have been a fan of Livescribe for some time. This sounds like an amazing add-on to that capability.
If you are unfamiliar with Livescribe, it is a system that uses a smart pen which records conversations and connects with special books that you hand write/take notes in – say at a meeting. The pen then uploads the info to your computer and you get the voice recording and your notes saved into a file. With another handwriting recognition app you can then turn your notes into typewritten text. This is an awesome tool. I’ve  used it to record and take notes in training sessions, Skype chats, and coaching sessions.

Pix Credits: CoolHunting

PS: Check out the CoolHunting site as they have some really interesting, cool stuff on it!

This week’s question: Have you tried any of these tools, or found any others?  Please post a comment on your gems.

Look For Thursday’s Post: New beginnings

Next Monday’s Post:Hmmm……

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Understanding Underpainting

Understanding Underpainting – How important is it?

There are different styles of painting and not all of them need underpainting. However the style of work that I do requires it, and the final results cannot be achieved without it.

This is a continuing conversation.  I am revisiting this topic, because I consider that understanding  underpainting provides you with a wonderful tool. Underpainting can be found from the works of the classical masters to the modern ones. Even many contemporary abstract artists make use of underpainting. Often several layers of paint will contribute to the look of the finished painting. If you are just learning to paint and trying to copy someone elses work, understanding underpainting , may help you to figure out what they have done.  Look for subtle colour changes beneath the top layer of paint, and try to determine what colour they might have used.

The painting below by J.W. Waterhouse, well known Pre-Raphaelite painter,  is in two contrasting colors which separates the figure from the background but underpinned with a base of Raw Umber.

understanding underpainting in 2 colours, Waterhouse

Tonal underpainting in 3 colours

We see here that the background is underpainted with Raw Umber  and then Waterhouse has overpainted and further developed the image with Sap Green on top. He has painted the dress with a very thinned down Cadmium Red. This work is done in oils and the paint thinned considerably with a medium.

Look For Thursday’s Post: My latest artwork finished 

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PopUp Gallery Project – Wyong

PopUp Gallery – pops up and out!

Last week saw the official Opening of the PopUp Gallery space at the Westfield Shopping Centre,  Tuggerah. There was a great turnout, including local councillors, the Wyong Mayor and management representation from the  Westfield Shopping centre and many of the artists being represented.

The Opening

The Opening

Wyong Shire Mayor – Doug Eaton gave a speech about the council’s new approach to arts in the Wyong Shire.  He sees a new initiative which will help grow local businesses and support the artists and artisans of the area.


PopUp Gallery,Doug Eaton

Doug Eaton

The manager of Westfield  shopping Centre also spoke about the centre’s commitment to helping local people and giving back to the community, through providing the space free of charge to various groups over the next 5 months or so.

PopUp gallery,Manager Westfield

Manager Westfield

And Mark Douglass who, along with partner Jess and the collective’s board,  has been the driving force behind the collective, spoke of The Collective’s vision for their artists.

Mark Douglass

Mark Douglass


By now sadly, it is all over for the first group, The Central Coast Collective,  however they did well in sales and are looking forward to their next project.

Look For Thursday’s PostUnderpainting… the foundation work of any good painting

Next Monday’s Post: Adobe and Moleskin Team Up

Posted By: Kadira Jennings

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