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Hi I'm Kadira Jennings, welcome to Unfolding Creativity, a portal to Abundance Through Creativity.

I am a creative artist celebrating and encouraging the creative in all of us.

My blog is a discussion, and creativity resource. Please take your time, look around and join the conversation if you would like to.
It is my passionate belief that we all have deep within us a creative genius just waiting for half a chance to get out no matter what field we work or play in.

''There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost. The world will not have it.''
Martha Graham

Changes To The Blog

Time for a change


So what’s changing? I’ve decided to go back to posting on a Monday as I did for many years. I only began posting on a Thursday because I was actually posting twice a week for a while, however I found I just couldn’t manage it long-term. So I trust you will weather the change OK and come read my posts on a Monday.  I am going to post some snippets this week from the past – you may have missed them, or perhaps you will enjoy them again.

‘You cannot separate yourself from your art. Art is the expression of your creative self.  No matter what you choose to craft – a film, a painting, a novel, it says something about who you are because you are the one who chose that particular thing to do and share with the world.’


Gracies Butterfly

Gracie’s Butterfly

This creative expression becomes intrinsic to the full exploration of our lives. Without it we tend to stutter and splutter, stall and fade for we are not following our ‘raison d’etre’.

Inner Being - digital art work by Kadira Jennings

Inner Being – Wonder ©2005 Kadira Jennings Digital Print


The challenge is to be alert enough to signals/signs from the Universe, God, the great spirit – what ever you want to call it/him/her. Pay attention to things that catch your attention, that you are drawn to – even if you don’t understand why at the time, for these are the things we are meant to explore.


Waterhole ©2000 Kadira Jennings

Waterhole ©2000 Kadira Jennings – Oil on Canvas

And above – I leave you with – A blast from the past!



See you then……

This Weeks Question: If something you are doing doesn’t serve you, do you change it?

Look For Next Thursday’s Post:  More on what to do with older works

Pix Credit: Photo of the world by geralt (Pixabay)



Exhibition Opening – THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO CAME!!!

Saturday afternoon – the weather was – well it is winter. Actually the sun came out and it was pretty good.

What a wonderful turn out we had. John Morris opened the show with some kind, quiet words of wisdom and congratulation. Thank you so much John we all appreciate your efforts on our behalf. John has been driving from Newcastle weekly to deliver our studio practice class despite, inclement weather, recurring bouts of the flue and managing life in general.

John Morris  Opening With Intention, Kadira Jennings

John Morris Opening ‘With Intention’

After opening the show he drove to Sydney for the opening of the Salon de Refuses as one of his works was accepted for it this year. CONGRATULATIONS John!

The Gosford Regional Gallery was very crowded with two other exhibitions opening on the same afternoon and there was a wedding as well! And the parking – well What Parking !!

John had a good point about exhibitions –

They are demarcation points along a path. They are sometimes a beginning but never should be an end in themselves. ( I filmed his opening speech, however haven’t had time to edit it yet, so look for that in a coming post)

Sometimes I feel that exhibitions are really more of a pause and may signal the end of a particular body of work. The next work often can go off at a tangent to that in the current exhibition, as the artist explores their muse further.

So the most important thing to remember when showing your paintings is that your very best painting is still inside of you and it always will be.

Exhibition Opening - Kadira Jennings

Exhibition – Handing Out The Nibbles

On the day many people came up and introduce themselves. It’s funny, one lady I spoke with said she always follows my blog and newsletter and finds them a great source of inspiration for her. Yet she has never left a comment on the blog. It was wonderful to know that all my effort is touching someone else’s life in a positive way.

Exhibitions should never be just for the purpose of selling your work.  Rather what is your intention? I believe they are an opportunity to allow others to connect with the work. Every work  that you do will touch somebody at sometime and if you don’t exhibit it you don’t give the work a chance to speak to who it was destined to speak to.

We need to bring the whole thing back to play. You played with some paint and canvas. Be proud of it! Isn’t that what a child would do? And then let it go. Let it find a new home. You have done your part, all that is required. Our works if we are open enough connect us to the Great Creator, The universal Architect. My best work always happens when I open to the flow and allow it flow through me

This Weeks Question: Have you shared your creative efforts with anyone recently? 

Look For Next Thursday’s Post:  More snippets from the Exhibitions



What To Do With Older Work – Some more ideas.

Idea #2 – Re-purpose the Materials to Create a New Art Exhibition

  • Many artists  take old canvases and paint an entirely new painting over the top of an older work.Some of these pieces are totally new compositions, while others modify older imagery.
  • Many abstract artists work in this way, allowing glimpses of the old work show to through as texture, tone or colour, in the new piece. An artist who regularly works in this way, although not necessarily using old canvasses  is Flora Bowley you can see the underneath elements showing through in her work here.

Repurposing old artworks


  • Many sculptors do similar re-purposing by melting down an old piece to cast a new work (not recommended in most cases).

The Problems with This Approach

  • Not all art materials lend themselves to being reused, and sometimes the effort it takes to prepare used materials isn’t worth the effort.
  • If you particularly struggled with the old painting, then it does not have a good energy in it and wont make for a very good foundation to the next work.
  • Unless you have some clarity around the image you want to build out of the older  work, it can be a difficult task .

Flora Bowley has written a great book that will help you work intuitively into abstract painting, if that is your thing, it is called Brave Intuitive Painting

Exhibition Reminder

Older Work,Exhibition in July



The opening to this exhibition is this Saturday the 18th of July at 2.30 pm.  See all the exhibition details in the flyer above.  I I would love to see you there if you have time to come along.  Please come up and say hello if you do. There are going to be drinks and nibbles, the latter being provided is being provided by the new cafe in the art gallery.

If you feel so inclined you could go for a coffee afterwards and a wander through Japanese gardens.

This Weeks Question: The same as last week!  Have you supported your local artists recently? Attending an exhibition opening is a way of doing this that really boosts them and doesn’t commit you to anything.

Look For Next Thursday’s Post:  See how the exhibition went.



ShoreThyme Exhibition Opening

After Weeks of preparation, Monday the 6th  finally arrived.  Time to take the paintings up to the show for hanging.

All stacked up and ready to go.

 Exhibition,Kadria Jennings


Packing the car.

ShoreThyme Exhibition,Kadria Jennings,Packing the car


Last minute preparations the night before.


Kadria Jennings,Last minute preparations the night before.

Delivering the works. It was pure bliss loading and unloading the bags of paintings.  No more messy bubble wrap. That’s 11 paintings delivered in only 2 trips to the car…… totally awesome!!!

Painting bags - deliveries

ShoreThyme Exhibition,Kadria Jennings,Delivering the works


Julie unpacking her paintings at the exhibition venue.


ShoreThyme Exhibition,Kadria Jennings,



Esther arrives with her work.


Kadria Jennings,Esther Arrives


 Exhibition,Kadria Jennings,coffee break


And a much-needed coffee break at the Bombora cafe, after all the delivery details were settled!

And ……….Drum Roll ……….!!!! THE SHOW!!!!

We had a fantastic turn out that far exceeded our expectations.  A HUGE thank you to everyone who came, braving the cold chilly winter evening.  We were very excited  for  Julie and she made some sales on the evening. Congratulations Julie – well done!!

On the night – Julie’s work – The top left hand work was one of those that sold.

On the night 1 sm

Works on show before the crowds arrived….. These are my works from my Outer Landscapes Series

Works on show before the crowds arrived

On the night – One of my dear patrons and supporters – Barbara Baker-Richards, a local entrepreneur and trainer.  I love that hat!

On the night - One of my dear patrons and supporters


And now that the excitement of that is over – ON TO THE NEXT ONE!!!!

Here is your invitation to the next one in case you missed it before

Exhibition in July


I look forward to seeing you there and a huge thank you once again to everybody who came along to the ShoreThyme opening and to the wonderful staff and owners of the venue for looking after us so well and helping to make the evening a wonderful success.


This Weeks Question: Have you supported your local artists recently? Attending an exhibition opening is a way of doing this that really boosts them and doesn’t commit you to anything.

Look For Next Thursday’s Post:  What to do with older works  – Pt II – more ideas





The ShoreThyme Exhibition Begins Next Week!

Julie and I spent much of last Sunday, toting flyers for the exhibition all over the coast near Norah Head. We started off with a good omen – this wonderful rainbow in the sky!

I put together this short video of our Sunday morning deliveries.


YouTube Preview Image



In case you missed the invitation – here it is again.  Please come along if you are in the area – I would love to meet you so please come and introduce yourself on the opening night or at the SUnday Brunch on the 19th if you are going to come to that.

Shorthyme Exhibition Invitation,Kadira Jennings


I look forward to seeing you there!

This Weeks Question: What can you do to let people in your area know about your art. – Do you have any ideas?

Look For Next Thursday’s Post: Notes on the ShoreThyme Exhibition Opening

Jim Darling? Who is he and what does he do?



Haven’t we all sat next to an aeroplane window and watched the world go by? Jim Darling decided to paint a series of pictures recording the landscapes he has seen from an aeroplane.  To give them a feeling of authenticity, he also created the actual window portal so we really feel that we are looking out the window as we view the works.

Jim Darling



While working on an art show about air and water, the  Los Angeles-based artist and designer had a few aha moments about planes, water and air. He said,

“I got thinking about the window seat: how special it is and how it can be taken for granted. These expansive views can be very humbling.”

Jim Darling





Darling started recording the landscapes he saw with photographs and posting them on Instagram.


Jim Darling



He later recreated  them as paintings using acrylic and aerosol-layered woodwork.

Jim Darling



There’s a real magical quality to these works, I feel.

Acknowledgements: Austin Kleon, To see more works from Jim Darling



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