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Hi I'm Kadira Jennings, welcome to Unfolding Creativity, a portal to Abundance Through Creativity.

I am a creative artist celebrating and encouraging the creative in all of us.

My blog is a discussion, and creativity resource. Please take your time, look around and join the conversation if you would like to.
It is my passionate belief that we all have deep within us a creative genius just waiting for half a chance to get out no matter what field we work or play in.

''There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost. The world will not have it.''
Martha Graham

Do We Need An Audience For Our Work

Do we need an audience?

Well Rumi the 13 Century Sufi, mystic and artist, didn’t seem to think so.  These are his words on the subject.

” I want to sing like the birds sing, not worrying who listens or what they think.”  Amen!

song birds photo

I would put forward the idea that when one is actually in the process of creating that this should indeed be the case.

Of course it has often been the dilemma of the creative,  whether to paint for passion or for patrons. However in my experience, when you are in the process of creating there is no room for anything else at that moment. Worrying about whether or not the finished product will have an audience or not, becomes an exercise in derailment.

Having made the above observations however, I’d now like to add a rider to those thoughts.

I want to look at the statement,’ When you are in the process of creating there is no room for anything else at that moment’  more detail.

Some people find that they can create better when they are actually doing something else, like talking on the phone or listening to music.  Why would that be? The reason is, that if you know the basics of your modality, you can carry on a conversation or focus on the words of a song and allow the creative part of your brain to flow-out your work unimpeded.

Sometimes our best work can be done when we open ourselves in this way and allow, and TRUST the process.

It is another way of accessing the creative part of the brain. However what doesn’t work is trying to focus on something that requires concentrated thought while you are creating, like doing your accounts, or something.

I think the other thing that needs to be considered here is the BIG question of – why am I creating a certain thing in the first place. There are really two things here – the actual process of creating something AND what our vision is for that creation in its finished state.  Some people feel they need an audience to complete the process – ie a dancer on  a stage – does she need a theatre full of people, only one person  or none at all for her performance to have meaning for her?

need an audience

Does an artist need someone to look at their work – or buy it to feel the creative process is completed?

Im not sure there is any right answer to the question – what do you think?

This week’s question: Do you need an audience for your work and if so, who is that audience, and how can you find them?

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Posted By: Kadira Jennings


Photo by Cornelia G.Becker (soulll59)

Photo by State Library of New South Wales collection

Dancing In The Dark

Dancing In The Dark – Is finished!

The first of the closet works has come to its moment of being abandoned.  I would have to say that one of the great challenges is actually photographing this work.  The darks are always problematic. How to get a good photo without glare bouncing off the dark areas is very tricky. To take a look at all the works in this series so far check out Dancing In The Dark Series

Dancing In The Dark Detail, Kadira Jennings

Detail 1

You can see in the ‘detail’ above that this is not such a problem, because much of the dark area is not showing.  Hopefully by including the ‘detail’ photos, you will get a better overall idea of what the work actually looks like.

Dancing In The Dark 'detail'

Detail 2

And another one…………….

Dancing In The Dark Detail, Kadira Jennings

Detail 3

And one last detail – unfortunately there was a lot of shine in this one – but not where it matters too much….

Dancing In The Dark Detail, Kadira Jennings

Dancing In The Dark Detail

And finally, here is the finished painting!

Dancing In The Dark, Kadira Jennings

Dancing In The Dark


As you can see from the ‘details’, the final photo doesn’t do it justice at all.

Please feel free to leave feedback – the button is at the top of the page.  I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Posted By: Kadira Jennings

Artists Websites

Artists Websites – How important are they?

Do you have an artists website? These days, if you are at all serious about marketing your art, a website is a ‘must have’. “Why an artists website?” I can hear you ask. Good question. “Why can’t I just put my work on Facebook?” You say.

Here are a few thoughts on really important things which relate to you, what ever kind of creative person you might be, who is wanting to sell their work.

  • Firstly let’s clear up the question of whether or not having a website is a choice – Well of course we have choice in everything, however in terms of having your own website, hosted on your own provider – that is an imperative for any artist.
  • Note that I am stressing  your own hosting provider.  Why is that? Simply because it gives YOU control over every aspect of your website.
  • What is the downside of sites like Facebook, Red Bubble, etc? You have no control over what they decide to do with the format of that space, they can change the rules on you when ever they like. They might even go belly up and bang goes your site.  However when you have your own hosting, you get to save backup copies of your site in your own destination so if something happens to your provider, you can always upload your site to another provider – very important!.
  • Secondly you must recognize that you are in a business that actually sells  products and you need to make up your mind where you sit in that chain of supply and demand.
  • Painting as a hobby is one thing, however to be a successfully selling artist in a very competitive market, is quite another. Furthermore, it is tricky because you generally have two different markets to consider – the galleries and people you sell directly to – more on that in another post…

So today is really just a few words to encourage those of you who don’t have a website to get one. Below is a screen shot  of the front page of my website built on a WordPress platform found at  – wordpress.org and independently hosted.  I have used both  Bluehost and Hostmonster hosting companies , which both have a very easy interface (C Panel) to use and I have found them to be very reliable and helpful when needed.  Their Help Desk is very user-friendly also.

Kadira Jennings -artists website,front page

My website front page

If you have any questions I can help with please feel free to post a comment  – Button is at the top of the page.

This week’s question: Do you have a website, and if not when are you going to get one?

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Posted By: Kadira Jennings

Developing a Series of Works

Developing a series of works is an interesting journey.

Working in this way with a theme or an image, can produce work that contains a lot more depth than working on a range of dissimilar subjects.

A case in point is the clothing series that I began working on recently. I began with dresses in a wardrobe. The dresses emerge out of the darkness into view. They tantalize our thoughts to tease out their story. In fact they began to take on a life of their own quite early on in the piece.


Developing a series of works - In the closet I Kadira Jennings

First closet drawing

This drawing, also in charcoal,  gave birth to some other ideas which I have begun exploring.

Working in a series - Pick Me, Kadira jennings

Pick Me – Closet drawing II


And then there was

Working In a Series Silks and Linen - Closet drawing III,Kadira Jennings

Silks and Linen – Closet drawing III


Paintings are proceeding from all of these drawings, so stay tuned for the updates.

Next Thursday’s Post: Preliminary paint work

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Conversations on Creativity – vulnerability

Conversations on Creativity is part of an ongoing discussion, containing snippets of interest from conversations with my friend, creative writer and film maker Prue.

This week we were discussing a Ted talk on connection and how that is impacted by our fear that we aren’t worthy of it. This lack of self-esteem,  in turn leads to links between the cause of the shame and fear and our inability to allow ourselves to be vulnerable.

As artists and creative people. these are issues that repeatedly surface for us. SO I recommend you put aside the 20 minutes to listen to Brene and hear what she has to say.  In fact this information relates to every area of our lives, not just our creative selves.

I am unable to embed the video as it’s too big for my blog, however you can view it here - The Power of Vulnerability

Brene Brown - vulnerability

Brene Brown


As artists, to be truly authentic in our work, means to also be vulnerable, to paint our truth, our story. Why? Simply because no one else can do it. We have to find the courage to keep showing up, to keep putting pen to paper or brush to canvas. That’s the first part. The second part is then having courage to own our vulnerability by sharing what we have created. Let yourself be seen.

courage photo



This week’s question: How are you showing up? What vulnerability are you hiding?

Look For Thursday’s Post: Developing a series of works.

Next Monday’s Post: Hmmm – not quite up to that yet – check Thursdays post for an update…..

Posted By: Kadira Jennings

Image Credits: Susannah Conway

Photo by zigwamp

Pop Up Gallery – What’s Happening?

Well it all got finished in time and the space looks terrific. Here are some photos.


I spent several hours there on Tuesday and will be there every Tuesday in November.
This project is the second staged by the Central Coast Collective and there will be many more to come.


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