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It is my passionate belief that we all have deep within us a creative genius just waiting for half a chance to get out no matter what field we work or play in.

''There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost. The world will not have it.''
Martha Graham

The ShoreThyme Exhibition Begins Next Week!

Julie and I spent much of last Sunday, toting flyers for the exhibition all over the coast near Norah Head. We started off with a good omen – this wonderful rainbow in the sky!

I put together this short video of our Sunday morning deliveries.


YouTube Preview Image



In case you missed the invitation – here it is again.  Please come along if you are in the area – I would love to meet you so please come and introduce yourself on the opening night or at the SUnday Brunch on the 19th if you are going to come to that.

Shorthyme Exhibition Invitation,Kadira Jennings


I look forward to seeing you there!

This Weeks Question: What can you do to let people in your area know about your art. – Do you have any ideas?

Look For Next Thursday’s Post: Notes on the ShoreThyme Exhibition Opening

Jim Darling? Who is he and what does he do?



Haven’t we all sat next to an aeroplane window and watched the world go by? Jim Darling decided to paint a series of pictures recording the landscapes he has seen from an aeroplane.  To give them a feeling of authenticity, he also created the actual window portal so we really feel that we are looking out the window as we view the works.

Jim Darling



While working on an art show about air and water, the  Los Angeles-based artist and designer had a few aha moments about planes, water and air. He said,

“I got thinking about the window seat: how special it is and how it can be taken for granted. These expansive views can be very humbling.”

Jim Darling





Darling started recording the landscapes he saw with photographs and posting them on Instagram.


Jim Darling



He later recreated  them as paintings using acrylic and aerosol-layered woodwork.

Jim Darling



There’s a real magical quality to these works, I feel.

Acknowledgements: Austin Kleon, To see more works from Jim Darling



The ShoreThyme Exhibition at Norah Head

Things are picking up pace as I get ready for two exhibitions in July.  I’ve been fossicking through stored paintings, and juggling inventory, bringing it all together.

ShoreThyme exhibition,Kadira Jennings

Just where is that painting exactly?


So if you’d like to come, here is the invitation with all the details ………

Shorthyme Exhibition Invitation,Kadira Jennings


If you are free on Tuesday the 7th of July from 6 p.m. come along to the opening and if you feel like making a night of it you could stay for dinner at the restaurant after the opening of the show. Come and meet the artists and see what drives their works.  You might even spy something you’d like to take home with you!

ShoreThyme Exhibition,Kadira Jennings

ShoreThyme Gallery/Restaurant


This Weeks Question: Have you supported your local artists recently? Attending an exhibition opening is a way of doing this that really boosts them and doesn’t commit you to anything.

Look For Next Thursday’s Post: Jim Darling – Who is he and what does he do?


Stored Paintings

What To Do With Older Work

Storing old artwork can become a huge challenge, especially if you have built up many works over the years.

This can be the case even if you are only a hobby artist – what to do with all those learning brush strokes?

Studio space is at a premium, and every square inch that is taken up in storage, is a square inch that’s not available as work space. This is even more crucial if you don’t even have a dedicated studio space yet!

Idea #1Rotate Your Works – Including Older Ones In Current Inventory

  • Sometimes older work didn’t sell, not because there was something wrong with it, but because it simply didn’t wasn’t in the right place at the right time to get a buyer.
  • If your work is consistent over the years in terms of style, technique and quality, then rotating your art can be a viable option. The older work can be shown in galleries or at shows or at art festivals
  • Make sure there is no date on it and no one may realize the work is older if you don’t tell them.
  • Pay careful attention to the state of the work.  Does it perhaps need to be touched up, given a new frame or is the backing getting a little tatty? Refreshing your older work in this way allows you to leverage your existing work to bulk up your inventory.
  • Paying attention to older inventory can be particularly important if you have orders coming in for your work and you can’t fill them.

The Problems with This Approach

  • You may find that  your work has changed significantly since the older work was created. This means it may not be possible to show it with your newer work in current gallery spaces.
  • In this case, introducing older work may make your body of work feel inconsistent, or it may call into question the quality of your newer work.
  • Many artists pass through major changes in style, format, and even the medium they use over time. This can make it not feasible to reintroduce the older work.
  • The other MAJOR thing to avoid at all costs would be to avoid sending a piece to a gallery that has already had the work.  This would be a major blunder, unless of course they requested it. The only caveat to that would be if you had significantly reworked the piece.

I would like to acknowledge the expertise of Jason Horejs in the crafting of this article, as I have referenced his blog post of the same topic.  I have only used some snippets of his post here. You can find much of interest for the marketing side of your art career, at his Red Dot Blog.

At a later date I will be posting more thoughts on this subject.

This Weeks Question: What are you doing with your old paintings?  Do you have any ideas you would like to share?

Look For Next Thursday’s Post: What’s happening with the ShoreThyme Exhibition?



The Art Of Friends

The Art of Friends Lily - Susan Brookes

Lily – Susan Brookes

As we move into June, the Art Friends group is proceeding with their exhibition preparations.  Every Wednesday when we paint together we gather around the lunch table and discuss how things are going.

The rest of the day, every one is hard at work, developing their latest art works, in preparation for the exhibition.  Take a walk around the room with me.

YouTube Preview Image

Those exhibition details again are: 

Where: Gosford Regional Gallery Community gallery, 36 Webb St East Gosford

When: July Fri 17th – Tues 21st 

Opening : Saturday July 18th 2.30 pm and open daily 10am – 4pm

We will look forward to seeing you there.

This Weeks Question: What are you doing on Saturday the 18th July at 2.30pm ?

Look For Next Thursday’s Post: What To Do With Older Work

I have decided to begin posting on Thursdays as well. Just short posts that document my personal journey as an artist.

I am beginning a new series of works and thought an overview of this process might prove of interest to some of you. If you are a collector it is a peek into the life of an artist. If you are an artist or creative yourself, it might help you with your own process.

For many things I begin with a brainstorm, documenting it on a mind map. I am a great fan of mindmaps as I have said many times before. However when I am thinking about a body of work, even if many of them will end up abstracted, I have to have a starting point some where.

For me this begins with a twofold process. I begin collecting images while simultaneously thinking about the underlying theme I need the images to have. The most difficult thing about planning a big show is that you need to have a cohesive body of work of at least 20-30 paintings.

  • What is going to hang them together?
  • Your style?
  • The subject matter?
  • Place and Time?
  • Medium?

I find using Picasa very useful as I can swap fotos around and easily add other ones from

How to plan an Exhibition

How to plan an Exhibition


anywhere else. This then gives me an overall visual of what the exhibition will look like as a whole. In this case I began with 97 images – here are a few of them….

Culling For A Show

Culling For A Show

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