Underpainting and abstracts

This post looks at the further use of underpainting and how it can influence our work in quite dramatic ways. The paintings you see here are underpaintings done in preparation for a colour blocking technique. The finished version of this appears later in the post.

Working drawing charcoal for Underpainting

Working drawing charcoal


  • A simple place to start is to get the real estate pages out of the paper and go through the houses for sale.  Look at the images until you find one that has shapes that appeal to you.
  • Then do some preliminary drawings until you find an arrangement of shapes that you like as in the above drawing.
  • Then you paint an under painting of your working drawing – this is version I
Magenta House underpainting

Magenta House underpainting

  • You might experiment with different colours on top of your underpainting.
  • Or take the same composition and give it a totally different colour palette.  You can see what a different effect you can get by doing this .
  • See how by placing different tones and colours in the same position, you take the viewer’s eye to a different place.
  • For extra emphasis separate the colour blocks with thick or thin or uneven black or coloured lines

And then you have the finished painting

Magenta house  - finished

Magenta house – finished

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