Art And Fear – a book review

Art And Fear (Art & Fear) is a small book, written by David Bayles & Ted Orlando, sub titled – Observations on the perils (and rewards) of ARTMAKING.  This little gem is 118 information packed pages every artist needs.  Not only every artist but every creative person really.  Why do I need it – you might ask?

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The problem with making art is that it’s process is littered with assumptions, old wives tales, gobbledygook and out right lies. How can we distinguish fact from fiction?   Let me share with you some of the chapter titles….

  • The Nature of the Problem
  • Art And Fear
  • Fears About Yourself
  • Fears About Others
  • Finding Your Work

Some of the questions the book addresses are –

  • How does art get done?
  • Why, often, does it not get done?
  • What is the nature of the difficulties that stop so many who start?

This is another of those MUST READ books, if you read nothing else apart from the books I have recommended this year LOL  – please read this one.

You can get it here


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Post by : Kadira Jennings

In the interests of transparency, if you purchase the book via the above link, I may receive a commission on the sale.

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