Do you live on the Central Coast? Have you thought of taking Art Classes.   You can draw and paint you know. Maybe not as  brilliantly well as you would like to right now but you have the potential to be an an amazing artist. How do I know this  – because over the last 20 years I have taught literally hundreds of students and all of them have made some improvement, and by far and away the vast majority of them in fact all except two of them, have made giant strides. If you would like to see some of my students work – take a peek

Art Classes Central Coast –  offers a very central location in the heart of Springfield/East Gosford.  I have students coming from as far away as Hornsby and Toukley.

So if you have always wanted to take an Art Class but thought you need to have talent to start – Well think again!!

In my experience – a desire to try is the most important thing.

I would love the opportunity to work with  you and show you what you can do!!


All of the following media are taught : Oils, Pastels, Acrylics  Mixed Media, Drawing, Water colours, Busting  Creative Blocks


My studio is in Springfield on the Central Coast  80 K’s North of Sydney, Australia

The classes are currently quite small with no more than 5 students at a time.  This means you get really individualized attention and work in a small intimate environment .  I tailor each class to your own personal needs.  This means you may be working on pastels doing a still life, while someone else is doing a portrait in oils.  You will find the other students very supportive  and friendly.  We even stop for a cuppa  and a chat half way through the lesson.  This gives everyone a chance to get to know each other and we will discuss everything from  how everyone’s work is going to what movies we’ve seen..

Unfolding Creativity's New Studio

So this is  where we play. Plenty of  room to fling our paint around…

Students Work Individually

Students Work Individually


Monday         7pm  – 9pm | Individual sessions can be booked between 2 and 4 pm

Tuesday        10am – 12pm | Evening class is 7pm  – 9pmIndividual sessions can be booked between 1 and 3 pm | Evening classes recommencing in the New Year when numbers are finalized.

Wednesday  7pm – 9pm

Friday            10am – 12pm

Saturday        9am – 11am

Individual tuition : By appointment

If you cannot make these times for the private lessons please contact me as I do have some flexibility in this area and we may be able to work out something to suit.

Investment for group classes: $30 a 2 hour lesson lesson

Investment for private tuition: $60 a 1 hour  lesson

If you cannot make these times please contact me as I am beginning some new classes soon and we may be able to work out something to suit.




Josephine Marr May 2012 

“Kadira is a fantastic teacher, from my very first class with her I was looking at everything from a new perspective. No matter what mess I get myself into with my art, Kadira always has the perfect solution and advice to help me overcome the hurdles. She is incredibly talented and is such an inspiration. I feel very lucky to have found her classes and to have met someone who is so passionate about art and whom is willing to share her love and knowledge for art with other people.”

Steve Green May 2012
I came to Kadira for help with painting portraits in oils.  To say I was a novice is a bit of an understatement because I hadn’t picked up a paintbrush or canvas until six months prior.  I found Kadira to be not only a gifted artist but an exceptional teacher.  She knows what makes a good painting and what makes a good artist as no doubt many artists do; but what makes Kadira stand out is that she can get that know-how across to her students.
My first portrait in oil is now a finished work but what I have learned has opened to me the joy of painting.  I love it.  Learning better line drawing, tonal balance, colour mixing, brush techniques and picking up on Kadira’s attention to detail have all helped improve my work.  The group class is a fun way to learn as I get to meet other students and learn from them too, adding to the whole experience. If you are thinking of taking up art or honing your skills I highly recommend Kadira Jennings to you.
Merran Adams  April 2012
“Kadira has a great ability to move amongst her pupils in a very calm manner, encouraging but getting to the core of the problem without them being diminished in anyway.
I have been able to play with several mediums and talk about where I want this journey to take me and I know Kadira not only listens, but understands my frustration and seeks books or pictures to help me.
She can controll a very eclectic range of subjects as well  as talents with great skill, being intuitive to the needs of her students.
Classes are small allowing us all to have ample tutoring, Kadira can see a potential disaster happening across the room and will quickly be there to avert it.
She also has some very advanced work emerging from her studio, a testament  to her teaching ability .”
Faith Wiggin May 2012
” Kadira is teaching me to recognize and paint the multitude of colours in nature.”
Deborah Lhota Dec 2010

“At last, I have discovered art classes that suit me perfectly.  Kadira Jennings is a very skilled and experienced artist and has an extraordinary ability to bring out the creative best in her students.  Although I have always had an interest in art, creating a finished product I was happy with seemed to elude me. Kadira provides personalized tuition, small classes and individual attention.  This means that my artistic skills have progressed in leaps and bounds in a relatively short period of time – something I was not expecting when I started. I am now producing art works I feel happy to frame and hang on the walls in my own home. I thank Kadira for her special combination of artistic ability, persistence, patience and lovely personality. She has helped me to open my eyes to creativity, providing a comfortable, fun environment in which it can safely blossom. I thoroughly recommend Kadira Jennings to anyone interested in pursuing their creative side.” Deborah Lhota Director Advanced Holistic Research Pty Ltd.

Sue Wilkinson -31 March 2010

I have been an art student of Kadira Jennings for the past six months.  I have not participated in any art form since leaving school just over 40 years ago.  Kadira is teaching me to paint with watercolours.  I love the soft translucent, as well as the strong colours watercolours offers.  I have found the classes Kadira offers have opened my eyes to everything around me. Kadira’s love and enthusiasm for all mediums of art, shows through in her expertise of teaching.

The small friendly classes allow for a substantial amount of individual attention.  Her subtle guidance is warm and friendly allowing one to feel confident to express yourself.  Each time I leave class I feel as though I have achieved and learnt something new and can’t wait for the next session.  I feel very confident in recommending Kadira’s art classes.

Jo HawkinsApril 2010

I have been painting with Kadira for a year now.

In that time I have gone from a complete novice  to having developed a sound understanding of the colour and the techniques required for watercolour.

Kadira is a wonderful teacher, very encouraging but offering welcomed constructive criticism.  Her eye for detail is incredible.  Although I still have much to learn I feel that when I do pick up my brush now I do so with confidence.


  • Private Sessions: These are one on one sessions where you have my undivided exclusive attention all to your self.  I find that sometimes people begin with a couple of these sessions if they are a bit shy and not comfortable with  working in a group.  This builds your confidence and gets you off to a really good start. You can choose a lesson that is for one hour or more if you choose.  Your investment in these sessions is $50 an hour.
  • Creativity Coaching: These sessions look at a range of areas within  a creative practice and work on different issues that might arise.  These might include; addressing creative blocks, finding inspiration, personal creative directions, special skill development and much more.
  • Things To Come: I plan to put a community site attached to the blog at some point this year.  This will give you access to others on the same journey as you are.  It will provide a place to find like minded people and somewhere to make connections, trade resources and ideas, and help you feel part of a much larger community.  Sometimes as artists and creative people we can feel rather isolated as our work is by nature generally a solitary  pursuit.

If you want some more info please drop me a line at  – kadira@unfoldingcreativity.com.

Or if you’d like to have a chat you can call me on – 04144 38121

I would love to hear from you.

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