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Art Marketing is something you can’t get away from if you are an artist. There are so many different aspects to it and I will be covering some of them in this and up coming posts. I guess the first thing you need to decide is how seriously you really want to get into selling your art.  Only you can decide that.  However, having decided that yes, you’d like to be able to make some money from your creative endeavours – whether you are a painter, sculptor writer or what ever, the second most important thing to recognize is, that if you are going to be successful at this then you are creating / starting your own business.

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For some of you this is not what you are going to want to hear.  Fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at things, it is no longer enough to just have a couple of galleries to show your work, or a publisher willing to publish your book.  We live in the age of social marketing and self promotion  and even if someone takes you on, they will be expecting you to do your bit too.  This of course means a lot of different things depending on how ‘successful’ you wish to become.  Here are some questions to think about.

  • What business are you in?
  • Who is your customer – is it The Gallery, the person in the street – Who????
  • Does your product have its own fingerprint?
  • How much time can you spend marketing your work?
  • How much time should  you spend marketing your work?
  • Do you have a marketing plan?

In future posts I will go into some of these thorny questions and hopefully throw a bit of light on the subject for you.

This week’s question: What business are you in?

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