Art Processes – the spectre of uncertainty…….

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The Spectre of Uncertainty

Art Processes, just what are they? Well, they are the many and varied steps that are involved within an art practice and one of them is concerned with the element of uncertainty. It is this uncertainty that we all wrestle with while creating, that I want to talk about today. I came across a blog post by Noula Diamantopouloson on this very subject, and I would like to share a snippet of it with you now.

“Your inadequacy comes from not seeing. Not being present from that which wishes to be expressed in your work. You are holding onto what YOU want said through this commission.

I want you to see what you are pushing away.

I want you to see what you are not letting go of.

You are to do the work not be the work. Let go of how you think it should look like. Let it be what it wants to be. Follow each cut. Place each shape down with love and honesty. Let the work surface from your hearts hands. Accept each piece that is placed. Accept me, the unknown, the uninvited.”

If you would like to read her whole article it is centred around a mosaic commission she was struggling with and she gives some great insights into our creative process.

I think the points she raises here in the quote are just so relevant to anybody who creates. The red highlights are mine, as I consider these to be the most important points.  How many times have you worked on a painting and it just doesn’t want to go where YOU want it to go. And to her point of  “you are holding on to what YOU want said,” through this artwork, well, we must learn to trust the process and allow the great creator to flow through us. It would pay us to also realise that creating is a partnership and it is necessary for us to allow the other half of this partnership its voice, because until then we will often be caught up in these, sometimes mammoth struggles, with our own work.

This is one of the more difficult art processes. I don’t know that one ever fully masters it because often it will depend how present we are on the day when we are painting.  One needs to  still the Mind’s Chatter and become immersed in the moment, fully present to the work, and allowing that work to develop, unfold and emerge as it must.  It really is a lot like giving birth.

art processes,uncertainty

Art processes – birthing an idea


It is a painful, messy, process and what emerges is something completely separate from ourselves with a personality of its own – so do our paintings emerge to grace the world with their own beautiful personality.

This Weeks Question: How do you deal with uncertainty in your own art practice?

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Photo by Treforlutions TreVizionz

Photo by Treforlutions TreVizionz