Artists need space in more ways than you might conventionally interpret that. Of course we need space to create in – a studio or designated space that is ours for only that purpose. You cannot get by for too long just using the kitchen table, if you are serious about your art.
Top of my ‘wouldn’t it be nice if’ list right now is a beautiful studio….

Beautiful Art Studio

Beautiful Studio

I love the grand space in this room! Big sigh of Appreciation…..

When you move into the head space of being more than a once a week painter at art class, you need to begin honouring the artist within you in a more conscious way.
The first way of doing this is to allow a space that is just for ‘you’ to create in, wherever that might be. Do not be tempted to allow others into it to do ‘their thing’.
By doing this you are sending your creative self a message that it is important and worthy of its own special considerations. This is not selfish. it is entirely necessary in nurturing your fledgling creativity.
We nurture and protect other young things do we not? Why then do we sometimes feel guilty for taking ‘time’ and ‘space’ that nurtures our baby creator? If other people have a problem with that they are not honouring you and your creativity, which also more than likely means that they are not owning their own either!

Artists Studio

Another Beautiful Artists Studio

I digress. The other kind of space we need as creative people is ‘head space’ . What does this mean exactly?
It means we need space alone to connect deeply to ourselves. We can do this through different things like meditation, walking in nature, listening to transporting music.

One of the main hurdles that we have to overcome these days is that we are constantly confronted with a barrage of information. Our world is filled with sensory stimulation, cell phones, car phones, TV, radio, music and all forms of media, magazines, advertisements, internet and on and on. How are we ever to hear ourselves think or feel in such an environment?

So the key here is to go on a media diet. Limit your self. Can you go a week without watching TV? What might you do instead in that time? If you are constantly saying you don’t have time to create – now you do!

How much time do you spend watching ‘The News’ or reading the paper? What effect does all that ‘bad press’ have on your sense of well being? Think about it……

How might you instead nurture your creativity?

This week I have a task for you. Well a challenge really. Go the whole week without watching the news on TV or via the internet, or reading the paper and use that time to give yourself positive creative stimulation. Some ways you might do that are:

Go on an artist’s date
Read a book about your favourite artist/ creative person
Look at other artists on line who create in the style and medium of your choice
Listen to some uplifting, beautiful music
Buy an art magazine and read it

This Weeks Question: What did you do to nurture your creativity?

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