Well here we are at the top of the Eiffel Tower and WOW the view is SO WORTH IT!!!

Eiffel Tower View

Eiffel Tower View

The amazing thing about this experience was that it created a new benchmark for me about what I thought I could or couldn’t do.  Now every time I struggle with something, I compare it to that experience.  And I’m grateful to my friend.  I suspect that sometimes we need a little nudge into being the best we can be.  And perhaps the authentic thing to do is to acknowledge our fear and then make a decision about whether or not we can face the fear on that day.  Again there is a fine line here between the action we take and the reason we take it.

When we act inauthentically we tend to place meaning onto what other people think of us and act accordingly, rather than considering what is true to ourselves.  I have done this in the context of my painting.  I remember one occasion when against my better judgement, and to please a partner, I changed something in a painting – which had a bad out come on the work, and I never could quite manage to recapture the effect I had previously.  That did teach me a lesson however about listening to my inner voice and what a work needs or doesn’t need – I didn’t trust it very much in those days.  No I rely on it completely.

Picture Credit: Traveler Folio

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