One thing about our appreciation of beauty in anything is that we do have hardwired into our brains, a standard of beauty in terms of proportion. There is a universal standard  of beauty which occurs everwhere we look from our DNA to the spiral arms of galaxies; from  the Parthenon to a cereal box.  All these things have one thing in common, they are all based on the proportion: 1 to 1.618. This is often called the Golden Mean or phi. .  If you haven’t come across this before – it is like a design blue print that the entire universe is founded upon.

There has been much research and many tests done regarding peoples preferences in terms of facial beauty.  Those images that most closely resembled the design principles of the Golden Ratio  were by far the most popular. This was found to  transcend geographical and racial boundaries.

If you watched the video you will have seen how The Golden Ratio pops up everywhere, both in humanly constructed objects and natural ones.

I would suggest then that if we analyze  a lot of abstract, contemporary art that the reason many people may not be able to relate to it is that it doesn’t contain the underlying PHI design with in it.  And further to that we my find that the works people do favour are ones that do have it.  Generally people look for some kind of meaning in art works they appreciate, there has to be some reference point that connects to them and if there is nothing else The Golden Ration can be a subconscious attachment point for them. Interestingly – our information bible Google didn’t come up with any useful information on this subject when I had a look!