This is the last post in my current series looking at art and beauty.  Alluding to the last post and my experience with La Pieta, perhaps the real beauty in an art work is always contained  within the work on a subtle level and then experienced and held within the heart of the perceiver.  And this is why they say – ‘ a picture is worth a thousand words’ because it speaks to us in a language that is beyond words no matter how hard we might try to use them to describe it……  plainly experienced here by my fumbling attempts to convey the magnificience of La Pieta.

So is true beauty in art then, the embodiement of a sublime experience that uplifts our souls to joy?

And now I would like to leave you with some questions to ponder on the nature of Art and Beauty.

  • do you look for beauty in anothers work and if you do what is it that gives you the experience of beauty?
  • define what beauty means for you;  is it a connection that up lifts your heart, perfection in form, design or function, man made things or nature – the list is endless – What is it for you?
Landscape Tryptch ©2002 Kadira Jennings

Landscape Tryptch ©2002 Kadira Jennings