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Kadira Jennings is a painting artist who works at the cutting edge of contemporary art.  Her work is informed by techniques from both the traditional and modern art genres, and in particular digital photo art.  It is work, which examines the layers of time and place that affect our lives, also crossing  and blending  geographical, historical and creative boundaries.

Kadira has a deeply spiritual connection with the landscapes she paints, drawing inspiration from the power of Australian and New Zealand Landscapes.  Primarily her work facilitates an unfolding of the spirits of the land, earth, air and water before the observers’ eyes. Her abstract landscape art ranks among the very best  New Zealand Artwork and particularly those painting artists whose work crosses traditional and digital boundaries.

Her working process begins with photographs, which she takes herself and then manipulates  in the computer using the processes of digital photo art. This is a lengthy and skilled process, often resulting in more than 25 separate layers in any one completed image, which she proceeds to draw onto a canvas and then paint.

Kadira is currently showing her work from her own studio and through the following internet galleries:

Kadira Jennings Fine Art

Online Art (Work coming to this site soon)

The abstract landscape art of this oil painting artist can be found in many public and private collections – from the corporate collection of Australian Associated Press to the Thames City Council in New Zealand.  Her artwork paintings grace private collections in New Zealand, Australia and England and she has exhibited in the following places: Sydney, The Central Coast, Tasmania and Japan.

Kadira Jennings began her art career at Elam School of Fine art in Auckland, New Zealand, where she was fortunate to be taught by the luminaries of the day, Colin McCahon, Garth Tapper and Pat Hanly.

She later crossed the Tasman Sea – locally known as ‘The Ditch”  – to take up residence in Sydney and later on the Central Coast, just an hour north of Sydney. Her education continued during this period with study as an oil painting artist for a fine arts diploma at Seaforth Tafe. She then worked under several Australian artists of renown including, Bela Ivanyi, David Andrews and Judith White.

Kadira Jennings  began life as Bernadette Jennings, in Aotearoa,  which is Maori for ‘The Land of the Long White Cloud,’  the place that atlases call New Zealand.  She was born into  a nomadic air force family, which has perhaps contributed to her ‘ever itchy feet’.  Today she lives in  New South Wales on the Central Coast but straddles both sides of  ’The Ditch’, returning home every year to draw creative strength from  the land and move her forward as an artist.

Again and again she is drawn back to the Coromandel Peninsula, near Auckland, because there amongst the flax and the toi toi and the rugged hills, she finds the inspiration she needs.

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