Now what on earth do Birthdays have to do with art?  Well quite a lot really. Today is my birthday and I’m taking the time out to celebrate.  What do I have to celebrate?  Well I have survived and prospered into the last quarter of my life.  Not only that, but as so many other Baby Boomers are doing, I am finally taking up my life’s work and getting on with what I was really born to do – which is  – becoming the artist I was born to be.

There comes a time in all our lives when we ask that all important question of – What am I going to be when I grow up.  There is a fundamental flaw with this question however, which is, that inside – we never really grow up.  We are all still children at heart, only as we grow older we allow our sense of wonder and curiosity to be buried under “adult concepts of responsibility and social acceptance.”

“I am an artist at living, and my work of art is my life.” Suzuki, Japanese philosopher.

So today come and celebrate with me and remember to be ….

Forever Young

Forever Young


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