A gentle way to practice becoming comfortable with change is to choose at least one thing each day and do it differently.

As I said before – we are creatures of habit.  Take me for instance.  Every Sunday I  go for a walk along the beach – a ten minute drive from home.

Wamberal Beach

I have  my walk and then go to a great little café right on the beach, where I have breakfast – usually banana bread.  In fact that’s where I am right now – writing my blog posts for the week.  And as I sit here with my Latte and banana bread, and begin writing this post about habits I am flashing that I also always slice my bread up the same way.  Hmm……..

Break The Habit

Break The Habit

So what the……….  Today I decided to cut it up differently!!! I ended up with a star on my plate instead of a bunch of rectangles. Did it feel different?  Actually it did, awkward even – but that’s the whole point.

By consciously choosing to change the things we do habitually, we get to safely experience the feeling – no matter how small – of what happens internally when we choose to do something differently.

The long term value is that when it comes to a bigger thing, we have developed a higher change/pain threshold.  We feel much more comfortable with change and have therefore less resistance to it.  The process is no longer unfamiliar, or seems to present so many obstacles.

Ultimately we might even get to the point where it becomes a habit to ask ourselves how we might do each thing differently – what if I did this instead? How can I create a better experience?

And why again is that important to creativity?

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