None of us create in a vacuum.  We all have influences – from the rising sunlight on golden water to the latest photoshop magazine.

Sunlight on Water

So how specifically are you stuck

  • No ideas on what to work on
  • Bored with your current techniques
  • Come to the end of a series of works and not sure where to turn next
  • Need to upskill
  • Need some interaction with others
  • Have a studio full of works and nowhere to sell them
  • Don’t know how to promote your work
  • Convinced your work is no good and never will be

This list can go on and on – these are only a few of the kinds of thoughts that bedevil us as creatives.

Creativity is a lot like abundance. The more we stress about it the further away it seems to slide from us.

All of the above have a negative focus and therefore will draw that negative thing to us.

So what we need to do firstly when we are stuck,  is to change the state we are in because the more we focus on how stuck we are we just sink deeper – its like quick sand.

As Abraham says – reach for a better feeling place. ie if you are depressed – get angry.  If you’re angry become frustrated. Acknowledge your feelings, feel into them and work through them, dont try to stuff them back down.  Once you begin to clear this stuff your creativity will begin to make an appearance again.  This is where Julia Cameron’s idea of Morning Pages really helps to declutter your head.  Other things that help are –

  • Einstein’s greatest discoveries came to him when he was walking or doing the dishes – Take a walk – notice something new
  • Do something that makes you really happy – when was the last time you did that?
  • Decide to give up stressing about being creative
  • Do morning pages
  • Smile at every person you meet or pass by today  :)
  • Decide to be joyful
  • Go to an uplifting movie or get a DVD out
  • Have coffee with a friend – tell them why you love to create things, why you love them, ask them where creativity shows up in their lives – you might be surprised