The Chateau de Tailly

The Chateau de Tailly was originally the home of the very first wine family in Burgundy, the Champy family.

The current owner is passionate about architecture, history and renovations. She has spent the last 10 years lovingly restoring the chateau.  At the same time she has respected the original character of the Chateau. Today, the château retains all the charm and authenticity of the 19th century, combined with all the necessary modern creature comforts.

Following are photos of some of the rooms and lovely details in the Chateau.

Many of the rooms have been modernized with enchanting trompe l’oeil paintings.

Bathroom 1


Our Chateau bathroom and adjoining bedroom

Chateau Bedroom

Our Chateau Bedroom


Chateau de Villy Bathroom

Chateau de Tailly Bathroom complete with quirky Mannequin

This mannequin is dorectily across the room from the toilet and so many times I came out of there and got a fright to see a figure standing in the corner, until I remembered it wasn’t a person at all!

Chateau de Tailly Bedroom

Chateau de Tailly  Bedroom complete with french wash walls

This next photo shows one of my favourite parts of the house, the foyer area near the winding staircase, with its beautiful French mirror and lovely old child’s horse.

Chateau de Tailly Foyer

Chateau de Tailly  Foyer

This week’s question: When are you going to visit France and see all the lovely things there?

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