Colour Theory

I am going to make this the first in a series of posts on colour theory that I will do over the next few months. I trust that over the course of these articles, you will gain a deeper understanding of why you are ending up with the mixing results that you are getting, and how to get closer to the colour you are aiming for. The first place to start is really with your tubes of paint. I have an exercise for you. I want you to get out every tube of paint or stick of colour that you have and make a chart of them all.  Keep all the colours together in their hue or colour family ie – red – see chart below.

Colour theory - The Reds

The Reds

This does two things for you.  Firstly it lets you see at a glance all the different colours you have, which makes matching and choosing colours easier. Secondly you can compare your different reds etc to see what their colour bias is (more on that later).

This weeks Question: Have you  got your paints out yet and made those charts?

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