I thought that now might be a good time to introduce you to some of my work.  For several years I was immersed in oil painting, however I then went through a bit of the proverbial creative drought so to speak.  Well I thought I did.  What happened was that the creative urge popped out in other ways.  I got involved in making beautiful fabrics, silk rayon velvets that my biz partner the talented Prue Kelsey and I, created together.  We hand dyed and printed them with pearlescent and metallic inks.

Hand dyed silk rayon, velvet, printed with metalic and pearlescent inks

Its strange how the mind works because even though we created some beautiful things  it was around this time that I became pretty sure that I wasn’t an artist and had managed to convince  myself that I didn’t have much going for me artistically.  I guess the point here was that I didn’t at that time, understand that the creative journey doesn’t have to be about one thing. If  I’d identified myself as only being an oil painter then – it was pretty easy for me to view myself as a failure and doomed to artistic insignificance.

It wasn’t until I realized that creativity isn’t one dimensional and that it’s OK to create in different arenas, that I began to understand who I was as an artist and creative being.  Not only that, I finally came to the point of understanding that what I have to offer is unique and valuable.  No one else sees the world through my eyes and that’s not just OK  it’s to be celebrated.

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