It seems that many apologies are being called for lately. I am struggling to keep
up with my weekly posts so am late for the second time in recent weeks. Last
weekend I was away in Sydney celebrating my 60th birthday.

Part of my celebrations involved very creative things to do with food, which I
captured to share with you. These included gorgeous desserts…..

Birthday Dessert
Birthday Dessert


And then there was …….

Quince dessert
Quince dessert …… yum !!


And yet there was more……. To die for desserts at Aqua dining Sydney

Lunch dessert

And then there was dessert that night at the Lindt store at darling Harbour, as we watched a magnificent fireworks display……


Waffles, Ice cream and Chocolate


And the next morning ……breakfast at Bills – with hot cakes extrordinaire!


Hot Cakes At Bill's


After breakfast we went to see the Archibald prize exhibition currently showing in Sydney

at the NSW art gallery.  If you live in Sydney, try and get along to see this exhibition. The are some really great paintings, worth taking a look at as well as the usual controversial things that look like the cat threw up on the canvas!!!

The winner by  Tim Storrier I didn’t like much when I saw it in the local newspaper, however when seen in the flesh so to speak – it was stunning.

The histrionic wayfarer (after Bosch)
The histrionic wayfarer (after Bosch)


This Weeks Question: What special thing will you do for your Inner Creative – this week?

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