My eldest daughter recently became a mum for the second time.  This of course means little time for ones self.  Gopala has always loved to paint, but not done much over the last few years, her creativity has gone into renovating and having kids.

Last week it was beautiful to see that although she has stopped painting, her creativity is just busting out regardless.

It was Levis third birthday….

Yellow Cup Cakes

Cup Cake Birthday Cake

And his favourite colour is …. you guessed it – yellow!

She made this gorgeous cup cake tree of yellow cup cakes – and what a great idea for littel kids.  Much more maneagable.  All the trouble she went to with their own little marshmallow decorations  and pretty yellow cups etc.

And then there were the lollie bags.

Lolly Bags

Lolly Bags


It is amazing how our creativity will always find a way to flourish even if we don’t have time to follow our preferred choice.

Baby and Cousin

The Girls

And of course then there’s the really little things we create which turn into big things and keep on going for the rest of our lives –  works  in progress.



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