What Is Creativity Coaching And Why Would I Need It?

Creativity Coaching:  what’s it all about and why would I need it or want it?

Did you know that the most successful people in the world have coaches; Richard Branson, Chris Howard, Madonna, Ruby Wax and business giant IBM to name a few.  So you might be thinking- I’m not rich and famous – well not yet anyway, and I guess that is the point.  How do you think those people got to where they are today – they recognized that they needed help.

Now this may come as a shock – but we don’t all know everything and there’s a lot of things we don’t know anything about,  and this is where a coach comes in…. Why?

I find that Creativity Coaching falls into two distinct areas.

  • One deals with developing a creative mindset through the use of Creative Thinking Tools and Strategies applied specifically to business issues.
  • The other is specifically designed to help people in the creative arts deal with issues unique to their  career path.  For more information please access Unlock Your Creativity

This Creative InnerPrint® programme is designed to yield very specific, personalized results.  It gives you deep insights into your own character, the brilliance and the flaws, we all have both, and identifies how to utilize these traits to your best advantage. Success begins with awareness, followed by clarity of intention and then taking  action (ACI) .  Business coach and entrepreneur, Paul Blackburn once said to me ” owning your own business is the greatest self development exercise you can ever undertake.”  I believe those words are incredibly true.

This is what I can help you to do as your  Creativity Coach

Benefits: (My commitment to you)

  • Understand how to deal with change management
  • Deep insights into your own character and action steps to maximize that knowledge
  • Empowerment through learning creative thinking skills, techniques and strategies
  • A greater sense of fulfilment in your work
  • You begin taking 100% responsibility for both your successes and failures – this is very empowering because you feel in control, and factually you are.
  • Understanding how you create what is happening in your business through and because of your own mindset. The creative thinking techniques taught here, again  give you control and put you firmly in the drivers seat of your own destiny.


  • I help you to deal with the effects of change in your business:  I teach you how to use creative thinking strategies to empower you in dealing with issues and problems that come up.   As Albert Einstein said “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”   To keep abreast of the rapidly changing world we live in we need to learn to think differently so we can do differently.  Creative thinking skill is the single most important business skill in the 21st Century.  You cannot find a solution while still immersed in the same mindset that created the problem.  You need to ‘level up’ so to speak and this is where Creative Thinking strategies come into play.
  • I help you niche your business through a process called InnerPrinting: In the words of Seth Godin we are all artists. So  what is art?  “Art is a personal gift that changes the recipient.”  “If art is a human connection that causes someone to change his mind, then you are an artist….. Art is the product of emotional labour… there’s always a gift of intent on the part of the artist”  Using this principle is part of what I do  to help you niche your business  giving you differentiation in an environment where there are so many ‘me too’ businesses.
  • Identify your unique creative genius: This is something you developed from a young age.  It indicates the  way that you express yourself in your life through your work, your play, your sense of style, your relationships.  Your Creative InnerPrint®  acts as a compass, helping you to know yourself at your deepest level and stay connected to your highest expression and life purpose. The trick is to identify, know and utilize your unique genius.
  • Find your Creative InnerPrint® : Why is this important? Because it gives you a unique point of difference in the world and forms the basis for becoming a linch pin in your business or career.  It also helps you identify how to create a unique niche for yourself.  What do you have or do personally that can make a difference?  The Creative InnerPrint® is found though a unique questioning process.  All the information is then condensed into 3 words and a report related to your words. This report can be constantly referred  back to, to see if you are on track or not and to give you ideas about other opportunities or strategies you might pursue.
  • Identify Core Weaknesses and develop strategies to turn them into strengths: This aspect of what I do is called’ The BootPrint’ and as its name implies, the idea is to get you moving.  The InnerPrint® also gives unique insights into your personal challenges and using this information and other tools, I craft a BootPrint that is exclusive to you personally.

The Details: (Your commitment)

  • It is a coaching programme with an initial time commitment of two months.
  • You will be required to do the InnerPrint process initially and take an Archetype test
  • The InnerPrint takes two x 2 hour face to face sessions
  • Weekly one  hour coaching sessions by phone, Skype, or face to face if you prefer but the latter are more expensive.
  • Email & or Skype support is available
  • You will be given specific tasks to complete by the next weeks session and required to email me with a progress report during the week

This program is for people who are seriously interested in making a difference in their lives and their business.  I make no apology for expecting a high commitment level from my clients.  You will be given daily tasks to do on top of whatever else is going on in your life.  In order to gain benefit  from this program it is essential that you are prepared to commit 100%  and take 100% responsibility for the outcome.  I can only provide you with the tools I cannot make you do the work. The greatest resource you have lies within yourself.  I can teach you ways to access that, you are the only one who can actually do it.

Your Investment:

  • The InnerPrint® process                                       $497.00
  • Weekly sessions – hourly rate                               $140.00 includes extra  Phone, Skype and or email support

NB: You may get your InnerPrint® done without taking up the on going coaching. For this I do offer a special InnerPrint® package which includes a further 4 hours of stand alone coaching which can be taken up any time within the following 3 months.  This is really essential to help you understand how to work with and get the best out of your InnerPrint®  This package is $1000  – a saving of $57

Here is what others have said about Creativity Coaching and the InnerPrint® process:


Kadira Jennings has an extraordinary ability to support people to identify their unique purpose and align it with their passion. She also has developed a very sleek strategy for identifying each of our individual gifts and guiding us to see the blinding obvious.

I strongly endorse what Kadira has to offer and would recommend it to anybody that wants to live their life with more purpose and with a greater sense of fulfilment.

The one thing that totally stood out to me from other support systems of this nature, is that the process that Kadira uses was very personalised to me as an individual, not as a number or a classification type. Thanks Kadira for your incredible personal insight.

Phillip McKewin – Personal Empowerment Institute


Prue & Kadira are a dynamic, intuitive and highly resourceful duo that personify innovation and creativity. Their marketing process served to both affirm and illuminate my business direction and my product market and I gained enormous professional and personal insights that brought clarity, certainty, diffuse awareness and much needed momentum to my business. I am deeply grateful for their expansive process and have no hesitation in recommending them to others.
Lani Neilson – Womanly Arts Australia


The “InnerPrints” process was a fun, fascinating and enlightening journey.

I see now that I had been stymied by self comparisons and fear of judgment.  I felt confused as to which of my artistic pursuits was worth pursuing. Now with a clear awareness of all the facets of me I have a new appreciation for all I have to offer. I feel unique, real, honest and my work reflects that authenticity and attracts like minded clients.

Today I make business decisions with an enthusiasm and tenacity that only comes from honest confidence.

I am all at once soothed and energized.

Annie Edelman – Dirty Dolly Designs


I found doing my InnerPrint has given me greater insight into who I am, what my strengths are and what I need from my life to be happy.  Our discussions and your insightful questions bring out your ‘inner’ feelings and personality traits giving you an understanding of what direction you should be going in life.

By narrowing it down to a few words that best describe the person you are, helps focus on your strengths and gives you the opportunity to see what you are best suited for.  The follow up was good also to help refine the different meanings the results can manifest in your life.

Thanks for your help and time Best Regards,

Maxine Dale –   Licensed Real Estate Agent at Zinc Property Group