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To continue with last week’s conversation – I wanted to share some of the thoughts that came up this week as we explored ideas for our video bytes.  One of the key points in our conversation was the following thought….

‘It’s process, it’s all about process’

creativity conversations

Now what does that mean?  Well that small word actually encompasses several different ideas.

  • The first step in any process begins in the mind
  • Process can mean the actual steps in a task that one takes to do something
  • It also encompasses the whole entirety of a task in all its facets
  • Being a creative person is not just about each piece that you create, it is also about your entire journey and development as an artist.
  • When you look back on that journey, can you identify major Y forks in the road where a certain decision has led you down a particular path?
  • If you had your time over, would you do the same thing again and if not why not?

creativity conversations



  • Are you a recording artist, a live performer  or a combination of both? Why do you do what you do?


creativity conversations


  • Are you a plein air painter or a studio artist? What is important about your process?

This week’s question:  What is YOUR process and how well does it serve you?

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