Myth #2 We aren’t all born creative – and I don’t have a creative bone in my body. Why do people think that do you suppose? Could it be that they really believe it, or is it that they just don’t understand the nature of creativity?

To really embrace this idea that we are creative we must first understand the nature of creativity. What is it?  How do I know that I have it?

We tend to have very limiting beliefs around creativity, what it is and how we do it. People generally tend to think of art and it’s offshoots, to be what creativity is all about.

Think about your life. When did you really, really, really want something? How did that something arrive? It began with seeing or hearing about something and having feelings about that thing. This may or may not have had anything to do with art. From the feelings, your desire for that thing began to grow which in turn made you feel good when you thought about it….. and so it goes on until that thing turns up in your life.

Sometimes this happens in a way that you could never have planned or arranged in a million years.  However the fact remains that you have created it – your thoughts and emotions created it! This is true creativity…….. and it’s what we all do every day of our lives.  We can create anything we want so long as we focus on the positive aspects of that thing, have good feelings about it believe in the possibility of it……and not the absence of it or the not having of it.

So how does this relate to creativity and art, if we are all born with this ability to create anything. It means that what ever our area of interest, from cooking or wood working to facilitating, or accountancy – we can bring our own flair, our own flavour if you like to that thing.  We can create new ways of doing things, making things or transferring information.  This is all creativity.

This weeks Question: Can you make a list of ALL the creative things you currently do in your life?

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