It took me three weeks to finish the Dance Of Life. Many layers and a reasonably large dose of angst later it was inching towards  the finish.
As I’ve said before – some paintings just flow and others need to be driven. This one was of the latter variety.

Here are the final stages it went through before reaching the end.  The image on the right now has more colour in the sky and the landscape has been filled in.

Dance Of Life - in progress

Dance Of Life – in progress

However I wasn’t happy with the sky and tree so I decided to push it a little further…..

Dance Of Life - in progress

Dance Of Life – in progress

I got rid of the dark blue sky in the upper left and introduced some swirling white energy into it.  However now the colour was a bit too dead – well actually downright insipid and I needed to keep working on the sky.  Also I wanted a little bit more happening in the landscape…..

Dance Of Life - in progress  still...

Dance Of Life – in progress still…

More colour is now coming back into the sky and I decided to take a big risk and bring the swirling energies down to the ground in front.  BAD MOVE!!!!

To see where it went next – watch this space next week…..

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