The Gosford Art Prize.

The Gosford Art Prize, seems like every other art prize, to always create contention.  Few people seem to agree on what deserves to be the winner and there is always dissatisfaction on the choices that have been hung.

This year’s selection was no different.   There were some wonderful pieces and then again,  those that made you scratch your head and ask yourself,  ‘Why on earth did they choose that one?’

Gosford Art Prize - Paintings

Gosford Art Prize – Paintings

Something that made me particularly cranky was the fact that of the entries they selected to hang, thirteen of them, yes you read that right – thirteen – artists had 2 paintings hung and yet other people missed out.  When only around 164 paintings are being hung out of 549 entries, then you wonder why that is.  Thirteen other people could have been given the chance to showcase their work.   I don’t know if the Gosford Art Prize is the only competition that has this policy, but I expect not.

Entering competitions can be rather daunting for artists. You can’t afford to be attached to whether you get hung or not.  The best thing you can do is get into alignment with the fact that your works do deserve to be hung.  No shadow of a doubt there!! I think so often, we have that many negative thoughts about whether we will get hung or not, that we ar inviting rejection.

This can range from very subtle to downright in your face i.e. ‘I probably won’t get hung, because I never usually do, so why should this time be any different?’

This kind of thinking sets you up for failure.  Any little nagging, self doubts, feed this mind-set.  The Gosford Art Prize is no different to any other competition, in this respect.  Until you are appreciating your art and feeling confident about it, and that it is worthy, you are still in the failure mindset.  It doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing, this is about you.

This Week’s Question: What is your mindset regarding exhibiting your own works?

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