You Want To Know What You Are Good At? – Your InnerPrint can tell you that.

What Is An InnerPrint?

Your InnerPrint is  your own unique point of view in the world – those ‘things’ that you do brilliantly, in your own unique way.  It indicates the  way that you express yourself in your life through your work, your play, your sense of style, your relationships.  The InnerPrint acts as a compass, helping you to know yourself at your deepest level and stay connected to your highest expression and life purpose. Our hope is that your InnerPrint will encourage you to reach for things you weren’t sure were possible, as well as letting go the things that you knew deep inside just didn’t feel right.

Creative InnerPrint

Your Creative InnerPrint is found and named for you by us,  Kadira and Barbara, through an interview process usually by phone or Skype  that takes around 1 ½ hours. It’s an informal, enjoyable process where you get to relax, let go and really connect with yourself and what’s important to you.  We find there are often insights and ‘aha’ moments during the call. Our own process through the interview is very intuitive.  We often read between the lines, listening for those things that you may not  recognize until you hear them given back to you.

The Golden Mean Ratio

The Golden Mean Ratio

Your Creative Inner Print contains three words that intrinsically describe you, based loosely on a well known ratio called the Golden Mean – a mathematically based ratio, a pattern discovered by the Greeks that is perceived as beautiful by the human brain.  The Golden Mean is found everywhere in nature from the features of a beautiful person to the beautiful structure of a leaf or seashell. Many artists and architects still use this ratio in their work.

Leonardo's Vitruvian Man - Golden Mean

Leonardo's Vitruvian Man - Golden Mean

The Golden Mean Ratio

Your first InnerPrint word represents 70% of your expression.  This word is a core, foundational description of that which is intrinsic to you. It is how you are in the world.  It is about the things you most value.

Your second  InnerPrint word represents 30% of your expression.  It often shows up visually in your style, what you are drawn to creatively.  It’s your individual streak, how you appear in the world and how the world sees you.

The third word is a flavour, a highlighter. It is something that we hear weaving through the interview that is often very important to you in some way.  It is deeply connected to the first two words of your Creative InnerPrint.

Kadira and Barbara spend some ‘discovery’ time  after the phone call  finding your InnerPrint.  (We love this part :) We then book  another 1 hour session with you  in which we explain to you why we have chosen the words we have done and explain how to use  your Inner Print.  We email or Skype you our findings and your Inner Print words.  Each and every Creative InnerPrint we have ‘revealed’ so far has been unique and beautiful.

Our question to you: How well are you showing up in the world and how aligned do you feel?  How well do you know yourself?

Footnote: This Product was originally developed by Kadira Jennings and Prue Kelsey over a period of 2 years.  It taps into patterns and subconscious clues that reveal to us things that have become intrisically part of who we are today. It is now facilitated by Kadira Jennings and Barbara Baker-Richards.


Kadira Jennings has an extraordinary ability to support people to identify their unique purpose and align it with their passion. She also has developed a very sleek strategy for identifying each of our individual gifts and guiding us to see the blinding obvious.

I strongly endorse what Kadira has to offer and would recommend it to anybody that wants to live their life with more purpose and with a greater sense of fulfilment.

The one thing that totally stood out to me from other support systems of this nature, is that the process that Kadira uses was very personalised to me as an individual, not as a number or a classification type. Thanks Kadira for your incredible personal insight.

Phillip McKewin

Personal Empowerment Institute ™


The Creative InnerPrint Prue and Kadira did for me gave me such tangible words that have enhanced my world so much. I,  for so long had miss-connected who I truly was, I knew that, yet that feeling couldn’t connect with ‘that something!’. Having my profile and my words – my beautiful words – uncovered such a part of my life, and a connection was made. I use my words, especially in my business life (which is so frantic) to calm, connect, flow, soothe and give me inspiration to make clear, conscious decisions. I am truly grateful – InnerPrints is a true gift

Julie Ferguson


Prue & Kadira are a dynamic, intuitive and highly resourceful duo that personify innovation and creativity. Their marketing process served to both affirm and illuminate my business direction and my product market and I gained enormous professional and personal insights that brought clarity, certainty, diffuse awareness and much needed momentum to my business. I am deeply grateful for their expansive process and have no hesitation in recommending them to others.


Lani Neilson

Womanly Arts Australia


I found doing my Inner Print with you both has given me greater insight into who I am, what my strengths are and what I need from my life to be happy.  Our discussions and your insightful questions bring out your ‘inner’ feelings and personality traits giving you an understanding of what direction you should be going in life.

By narrowing it down to a few words that best describe the person you are, helps focus on your strengths and gives you the opportunity to see what you are best suited for.  The follow up was good also to help refine the different meanings the results can manifest in your life.

Thanks for your help and time

Best Regards,

Maxine Dale


The “InnerPrints” process was a fun, fascinating and enlightening journey.

I see now that I had been stymied by self comparisons and fear of judgment.  I felt confused as to which of my artistic pursuits was worth pursuing. Now with a clear awareness of all the facets of me I have a new appreciation for all I have to offer. I feel unique, real, honest and my work reflects that authenticity and attracts like minded clients.

Today I make business decisions with an enthusiasm and tenacity that only comes from honest confidence.

I am all at once soothed and energized.

Annie Edelman – Dirty Dolly Designs


If you would like to know more about having your own InnerPrint done please email Kadira   and she will get right back to you. Thanks :)