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Instagram, Facebook,Twitter, Pinterest and so on – love em or hate em, they seem to have invaded our lives to the point where we can’t live without them.Social media has been the buzz word for some time now. However are we managing it or is it ruling our lives?

I have struggled to keep up with them all – I just don’t have the time or a team of people who can do it for me. Therefore, I’ve been forced to choose. So what is working for me and what isn’t? What is my biggest issue?

  • Biggest Issue : Keeping everything updated.  
  • How do I solve this problem?  I have begun keeping 1 platform up to the minute, updated and direct people to it from the other platforms if they are interested.  I also cross-post from my blog to Facebook, google+ and twitter and from Instagram to Twitter and sometimes  Facebook.
  • What works best? For me Instagram does.  It’s quick to put a post on and easy to see who’s following you and who you might be interested in.  Also people don’t tend to put what they had for breakfast etc.  It is a platform where many of the people are visual artists and photographers.
  • So if you want a fairly painless way to ease into social media I suggest you give Instagram ago. 
  • You will find the most current images, stories and snippets of my life as an artist here. #artist@work, #KadiraJ

This Weeks Question: Do you have your fingers in any of the social media pies yet?

Look For Next Thursday’s Post: Another Exhibition coming up ……….




Photo by Jason A. Howie

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