Into The Light – A work that puts one into a new perspective.

This painting has I feel, a sense of grand scale in it, as the tiny figure forges her way into the shining light.

I love the way it shows the trials she has passed through and her determination in reaching her goal, even though she is completely overwhelmed by her environment.

Into The Light - Oil Painting by Kadira Jennings

Into The Light 48×33

Another painting from this period is ‘Satin Sands’.  As you work through a series of paintings there are always some that the artist feel are more successful than others and this may be for very different reasons.  For example if you are trying to develop your fingerprint there are certain criteria that need to be included in each work.  The overall work may look OK and appeal to some people, however, as in this one, it doesn’t quite include all my fingerprint qualities and therefore I might not consider it to be as successful as one that does.

Into The Light & Satin Sands 20x18

Satin Sands 20×18

What drew me to paint this was the way the aerial view of sands and water looked just like satin fabric.

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