My Latest work is a continuation of the dress series, which is an allegory of the Mythic Journey. What is the Mythic Journey? If you have been following this series, you will have noticed that the dresses are emerging slowly from the darkness into the light.

Dancing In The Dark, Kadira Jennings

Dancing In The Dark

Dancing In The Dark I

Dancing In The Dark I








The Mythic Journey often referred to as The Hero’s Journey is perhaps.  a handbook to human life. The journey often takes the hero from the conflicts of family and childhood, through problems of love, intimacy, and ambition, and ultimately to the point when we must face our own mortality. The Hero discovers that;

  • True self-knowledge comes through facing life’s challenges with courage and strength.
  • Beauty, power,  wealth and talent, all bring their own forms of suffering.
  • Our hero or heroine discovers that in the darkness of loneliness, failure, and loss, one can always discovered new light and new hope.

We are all somewhere on this journey. Although not many want to admit it.

This journey was highlighted for me by the revelations of the first painting . This was a deep grief around giving up dancing in my early teens which had been hidden deep down for years. In fact i had no idea until i began work on the painting.

I am now working on the emergence from the dark.  The dark night of the soul.  Here are the preliminary workings..

Latest works Mythic Journey 1aLatest Works Mythic Journey 1b

And so it slowly unfolds…..

Kadiras Works Mythic Journey 1c

Mythic Journey 1d












Stroke by stroke….. until it’s finished!


Mythic Journey 1eMythic Journey 1f

Look For Next Thursday’s Post: Take a look at the next work in this series.

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