Maiden Sleeps II

progressed from Maiden Sleeps I – as you would expect. Again it went through an orientation change and became a portrait format rather than the landscape format of the previous work.

I also decided to bring back some of the historically decorative elements that have been seen in my work before this.  For example, if you look at the design element in the work below you will get an idea of what I was thinking about.

Maiden sleeps Chronos - Kadira Jennings


So as you look at the finished version of Maiden Sleeps #II, you can see how this influence has crept back into the figures here.  I began working int his way after a trip to Europe in 2005 and wanted to incorporate some of the history of art into my work. As artists we always stand no the shoulders of those who have gone before us and I wanted to acknowledge this in some way in my work. The above work owes much to the influence of Fortuny of Venice.

And here is the Maiden sleeps II.

Maiden Sleeps II - Kadira Jennings

Maiden Sleeps II 24″x18″

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