Maiden Sleeps I

derived from this original part of the secrets painting.

Maiden Sleeps I

Secrets Inspiration

I played with it for a while and developed it into this….

Maiden Sleeps I Development - Kadira Jennings

Maiden Sleeps I Development

This is obviously an improvement.  However the painting still seemed to be very closed in on itself.  There was more work to do, however I wasn’t sure just what that might be.  So I left it for several days – turned to the wall. Got it out again and felt rather like Eeyore – ‘Its no better from this side,’ he says, shaking his head sadly.

Maiden Sleeps I - Eeyore

Eeyore floats to the other side

So after several turnings of the painting finally my other side of the river then looked like this…


Maiden Sleeps  I

And indeed – this time it was better. At this point I had something to work with. After a few tweaks it resolved into the painting you see above.

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Posted by : Kadira Jennings

Photo Credits: Eeyore – Illustration by Ernest H Shepard

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