Remember our mind map from last week? What you need to do now is, prioritize all of the things you listed on your mind map.  Here’s a suggestion of how you might do that  – the easiest  way might be to do another mind map – like this, which is based on Stephen Covey’s four quadrant time management system however I’ve slightly changed these divisions to include a section for tasks that might be delegated.


Making Time For Creativity

Making Time For Creativity

So now you need to look at all your tasks and manage yourself into time slots for them. Decide how much time a week you want to allocate to your creativity etc.

I can tell you that in all likelihood, your creative time will be  quite minimal unless you have really dedicated your life to your art.  It might be interesting for example to compare how much time you spend answering emails and browsing the internet, to how much time you spend creating – that could look quite scary.Yikes!!

I don’t know about you, but I really struggle with my INBOX.  It eats up way too much of my time and when it gets like 50 unanswered emails and I don’t have time to get to them – it’s a clunky rock I carry around in my subconscious all day or even for several days until I can get to it.  This uses up my precious energy and creates a cycle of depletion.

So what is to be done?

There are a million and one time management systems out there and guess what – NONE OF THEM WORK until you recognize that THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS TIME MANAGEMENT.


If you really DO want to be creative and are currently overwhelmed by your life, then there is only one thing you can do. 

You MUST set aside a space of time somewhere in your week that is for your creativity. THIS TIME SLOT MUST BE NON NEGOTIABLE  in terms of your availability for other things, people etc.  The biggest temptation will be to do things like – have a coffee with a friend in this space because “there is no where else in the week and you haven’t seen them for ages. ” Or similar things.  As soon as you begin allowing this erosion of your precious creative time, pretty soon it will be all filled up with other things and you will be wondering why you can’t seem to get your painting  or creative project finished.

Doing this exercise can be quite a wake up call as to how much priority we really place on our Creativity.  Whatever the outcome I think the trick is to recognize where we are really at and if this is where we really want to be and take it from there.

This Weeks Question: Have you done your mind map yet?

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