You may be interested to know that Michael Masterson, whom I mentioned in the previous post, still works with mentors and coaches, even though he is incredibly successful at what he does.  I think this in itself speaks volumes!

So what is the other type of coach he recommends? This is someone who works with you at a closer level .  They may not be the best in their field but they understand the mechanics of it and they are, more importantly, able to teach that to you.  For example if you want to learn artistic technique, a brilliant artist may not be a good teacher.  Rather, of more value to you,  would be someone who knows the techniques and how to get the best out of you, someone who has the tricks and tips and how to pass them on even though they may not be a hugely selling artist.  A great teacher/coach  in this vein is a rare treasure and if you find one, hang on to them until you have learnt all they have to share with you.

In terms of techniques there are so many different sources of information available to us these days  –  but the problem is that many of them give us no feed back.  How am I doing? What might I do next – related to my own artwork?

A coach or mentor on the other hand, will hold you accountable and push you to greater things than you thought possible.  When you are ready to give up they will give you a reason to give it a go one more time around- and wow are you glad they did! They will cajole, encourage, and get tough when you most need it.

Next post I would like to put forward one more level to the coaching triad which I believe is indispensable…… see you there

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