Meursault Village in France

Meursault is a very pretty village in the Bourgogne area of France, close to Dijon. The photo below has a wonderful piece of trompe l’oeil in it. Can you spot it?

Meursault - France


Well in case you missed it  – here it is.  No shortage of creativity here then!

Mersault  window

Meursault window



Meursault Wine

Wine anyone?

Here is a tricky French way of inviting you into the local wine shop…….

The local council chambers here are very fancy with turreted rooms and richly patterned tiles.

Mersault  Buildings

Council Chambers

And not to mention the pretty window boxes with matching gardens below.

A quick trip into the local church revealed a beautiful Gothic style church complete with chandelier

Church in Meursault

Local Church

And a closer look at that chandelier…..

Meursault chandelier


This week’s question:Where can you travel to close by to find some new inspiration?

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