Mindset – What is it?

So after last Thursday’s chat I was inspired to buy and read a fascinating book  called, ” Mindset: How can you fulfill Your Potential?”  Thank you Prue!

During our conversation we were discussing how people get stuck. Have you ever wondered why you get stuck? Well this is a new take on it.  Its got nothing to do with whether  you are dumb or smart, creative or scientific, successful or not, although whether you are successful will depend on this. However that also depends on what your definition of success is.

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Basically the premiss of the book is that there are two different kinds of mindset – you either have one or the other. Now you might be thinking – that’s a bit limiting – but is it?  Ask your self what you feel about these statements – true or false?


  1. I am born with a certain intelligence and that’s what I’ve got – can’t really do much about it.
  2. As I progress through life I have limited abilities which can only take me so far.
  3. I can grow my abilities and add new ones
  4. I have genetic limitations on what is possible for me.
  5. OK that didn’t work for the 10th time, I wonder what would happen if I just did…..
  6. I need to prove that I am smart and successful – this makes me feel validated
  7. Failure means I have been rejected and I’m not smart or talented
  8. Failure means I have a new opportunity for growth – and that I am currently not fulfilling my potential.


Now the two different mind sets are basically

  • The Fixed Mindset and

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  • The Growth mindset


Getting back to the statements above  – if you felt an alignment with statements 1, 2, 4, 6 and 7 you have a FIXED MINDSET

If you felt aligned with statements 3,  5 and 8 You have a GROWTH MINDSET

This book offers so much hope and possibility for all of us. I encourage you very energetically – please, please do yourself a favour and READ IT!!

Even those of you who already feel you have a growth mindset, I’m sure that like me you will be able to identify areas of your life where you don’t and you could do better.  After all let’s face it – we all have the ability to improve on what we do in some way even by the smallest amount.  After all as we all know…….

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The longest journey can begin with a very, very small step!

I would like to thank Dr. Carol S Dweck  for the wonderful gift she has given us – an amazing contribution to the growth of the human race!!!

To buy this wonderful book  just click the link above.

This week’s question: What is YOUR MINDSET?

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Photo by Celestine Chua

Photo by Celestine Chua

Photo by symphony of love

Photo by symphony of love

Photo by symphony of love


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