Moehau Sunshower is another in the series of works depicting areas of the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand. It is a beautiful place, much of it isolated rugged country.

Tapu Road

Tapu Hill Country

We used to go camping there as a family, when I was a girl. My dad driving, towing a caravan over the dangerous, switchback turns of the gravel road, which was barely wide enough for the caravan, nevermind meeting a car coming the other way.
When we first began going there, the only way across the mountains to the other side was the notorious Tapu Hill road, famous for its dangerous conditions.

Moehau Sunshower is further north near the top of the Peninsula and often plays host to dramatic weather conditions, in this case a beautiful sunshower. Here is the beginning stage of the work, just working in over the underpainting with a preliminary colour wash.

Moehau Sunshower - under painting

Moehau Sunshower – under painting


And then there is the finished work…..

Moehau Sunshower oil painting Kadira Jennings

Moehau Sunshower

The size of the work is 24″ x 16″.

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