In the last post I kicked off this Painting Tips series with a word or two about looking after your body. Now let’s look at some ideas that can help the painting process using some other art techniques.

Tip 2: Points of View

There are things that we can do which alter the way we see our work of art. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Get Back From It: In order to get a better perspective, or overall view of what we are doing, it is important, from time to time to step back from the work and look at it from a bit of a distance. This serves the purpose of allowing you to have more of an overview of what is happening.  You see the problem is, that as we are painting we become absorbed in the few square inches we are currently working on and can tend to ignore the effect of what we are doing in terms of the bigger picture – so to speak.
  • Tiny Telescope: This is a trick my dad taught me many years ago. If your studio space is a bit cramped and you can’t get back very far from your work you can do what I call the ‘Tiny Telescope”. Rather than trying to explain what this is have a look at me doing it in the picture below. Holding your hand in this way look through the tiny space in your hand at your painting. This cuts down a lot of the information entering your eye and gives you a simplified view of what is going on. Give it a try…

Tiny Telescope Technique being demonstrated by Kadira

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