Mythic Journey

Of course the Mythic Journey began a long time ago, both yours and mine. It is the story of our live’s struggles, tragedies and triumphs. You may not feel your life is this grand, however it is a unique story. It is your story, no one elses. You get to say what happens, no one else. There are common things that happen in our mythic journey, here is how mine was travelling at one point.

Abandoned rollercoaster

Abandoned roller coaster

  • I once thought my roller coaster, out of control life was other people’s fault – how could it possibly be mine?
  • This is a common perception in the early stage of the Mythic Journey. The young hero or heroine, cannot see/understand that their emotional focus and desire drives toward them, the events of their lives.
  • Thus they cannot take personal responsibility and therefore cannot fix what is wrong.
  • Then because they blame others for their problems, they have given away their power.
  • This means they cannot change the things that are happening to them because they think they require others to change, not themselves.

Well that was very pithy for a Thursday morning!

However, this is such an important subject and my current series of works is a reflection of this subject in my own life.

Working on the retrospective story,  I’ve come to discover that it seems, no matter what I’m painting, that there is a reflection of what’s happening in my life and often a story that is mythic in association with those events. My heroine is telling that story through the paint, even though I may not realize it at the time.

On to imagery – Last week’s work completes itself! Well not really, it seems I did have some input on that!

Mythic Journey V a

Mythic Journey II  nearly done


And here is the finished work…. Here we see the dress floating out of the dark, further into the light now than in the previous version.  There is a feeling of freedom and joy now, such as one experiences after leaving behind old habits of being.

As usual, it is hard to photograph a work with a lot of dark in it, to do justice to both the highlights and the shadows.

Look For Next Thursday’s Post: The Mythic Journey continues , tracing roots back to Coromandel and filming the birth of a painting series.

Pix Credits: Roller coaster image sourced from Pinterest

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