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''There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost. The world will not have it.''
Martha Graham

A Flurry Of Last Minute Things To Do

things to do,exhibition,kadira_jennings

So many things to do this week as the day to hang the exhibition approaches.

Now let me see…. hmmm…. Let’s make a list of all the things I have to do for a solo exhibition….. this is the comprehensive list – unlike last weeks post, which didn’t list everything!

  • Find a gallery to show your work!
  • Finish all the paintings
  • Finish shrink wrapping the last print that got left out – somehow
  • Get Prints, cards and flyers printed
  • Get mats for the prints and then mat them
  • Shrink wrap all the prints
  • Make a poster
  • Figure out pricing for cards
  • Make and print authenticity certificates for all the works
  • Do a press release
  • Contact Imag – get in Nov-Dec issue
  • Get holders for the prints and cards
  • Get a guest book for comments
  • Get John to put brackets on back of triptych for me so it stays together
  • Deliver flyers and posters
  • Type up the Card and print price list
  • Send out all the invites
  • Ring some people to invite them
  • Social media posts…. FB, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest
  • Finish adding show to media outlets ie tourism NSW
  • Finish the last two painting artist statements for the wall ( not done)
  • Contact Meredith Gilmore at Coast Art radio
  • Create email campaign reminding people of the exhibition opening
  • Put cords and brown tape on the back of each painting
  • Paint around the edges of each work
  • Pack all the works for transporting
  • Organize someone to open the exhibition
  • Organize someone to take photos at the opening (not done)
  • Get drinks etc for the opening

As you can see there are many things that go into organizing a solo exhibition. – If you are a beginning artist – this list might help you with some of the things you may have forgotten to do.  I must say however that they aren’t in chronological order. Also not all of them will apply to everyone, like putting brackets on the backs of the triptych. 

And as a reminder, here are all the exhibition details again.

things to do,New Horizons,kadira jennings

Start:Thu 01 Dec 2016

End:Sat 31 Dec 2016


These works examine the Challenges, and Hopes of refugees and displaced persons. 10% of sales will be donated to the Northern Settlement Services (NSS) charity for helping refugees on the Central Coast. The opening ceremony will be presented by celebrated Newcastle artist John Morris and a spokesperson from NSS will be sharing some insights into her work with refugees.


THE OFFICIAL OPENING: 11th December 2pm – please RSVP to Kadira if you would like to attend the opening.


Ruby Samadhi Gallery

6,11-13 Cochrone Street


Central Coast NSW


Kadira on – 04144 38121

This Weeks Question: Can you think of anything else that ought to be on this list?

Look For Next Week’s PostDetails from hanging the exhibition

Ramping Up To The Solo Exhibition – Just Three Weeks To Go! 

Solo Exhibition – The path to a solo exhibition, is not a walk in the park so to speak. Having a solo exhibition requires a lot of forethought, planning and execution.  

Once I have decided what the theme of the exhibition will be, there are many months of working on the paintings themselves. During this time there are postings to social media of my progress, which includes photos and videos to be done.

Now however I’m into that pre-exhibition phase, where I put the paintbrush down and pick up the mouse and keyboard and begin all the tasks like:

solo exhibition,postcards,business cards,

Post cards etc.


  • Designing and ordering flyers, business cards, greeting cards, post cards and posters
  • Handing out the flyers and sticking up the posters in various shops and places.
  • Advertising in places like Imag
  • Doing all the finishing details for the paintings, which include
    • Painting the sides
    • Putting stringers on the back
    • Photographing them for a good quality high res photo
    • Adding them to your painting archives
    • Adding them to your website/s
    • Creating, printing and laminating blurbs to go with my works – telling a bit of the story around each work
Laminating blurbs,getting help,

Chay helps me laminate the blurbs


  • Organising my social media campaigns on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest
  • Finalising details with the gallery, signing documents and organising the Opening celebration
  • Ordering quality prints from the printer
  • Matting and shrink wrapping the prints when they come back.
Shrink Wrapping,solo exhibition,

Shrink Wrapping The Prints

Finally there are invites to send and assisting with hanging the show.

And of course the Grand Opening – the culmination of all that hard work!


3 Keys To Success In The Studio When You Are Gearing Up For An Exhibition.
keys to success,Exhibition preparations,refugees,soloexhibition

My weekly plans for the last 8 weeks before the exhibition


  1. Well, of all the keys to success, number one would be planning. A good six months before hand if possible. And of course the very first item would be planning the theme of your show. The image above also shows lists of all the tasks that need to be done, broken down into groups of tasks.
  2. Then there’s having the work done at least three weeks ahead of hanging time if you are working in oils – even longer if you use really thick paint.
  3. Asking for help with things that others can do such as , putting the cords and tape on the back of the works, labelling them, writing inventories and so on.


keys to success,Exhibition preparations,refugees,soloexhibition

Exhibition preparations – get help


Of course there are many more elements involved in having a solo exhibition

Most people have no idea what goes into preparing a solo exhibition.  Basically it is a mini or bigger event that has may details that need to be attended to.

keys to success,Exhibition preparations,refugees,soloexhibition

Matting the prints – tools of the trade


Yesterday I began preparing prints for the exhibition.  They have to be matted and shrink wrapped.


keys to success,Exhibition preparations,refugees,soloexhibition

Exhibition preparations


This Weeks Question: Have you visited any exhibitions lately that stood out for you and what was it that caught your attention?

Look For Next Week’s PostMore preparation for the exhibition

Why Go To An Art Fair – Three Fantastic Reasons Why You Should…….

WHy go to an art fair,the other art fair Sydney.Kadira Jennings

Standing Back For A Better Look

Why go to an Art Fair? Whether you are an artist, someone who just loves to look at art or a collector, there are plenty of reasons for going to an art fair. Last weekend I visited ‘The Other Art Fair’ in Sydney. So reason number one would be…

1. It was absolutely packed with people, both artists selling their works and lots of people walking around looking at it. There was such an amazing variety of work, so many types of art to see. I imagine there would have been something there for everyone really. I saw several pieces that I liked.

Freya Powells ,the other art fair,florals

Freya Powell’s beautiful Flowers

2. My second reason is that it is a wonderful opportunity to meet the artists themselves. You get to talk to them and find out a bit about their work and their processes. This brings you into a closer understanding of the work and helps you to create a stronger connection with it.

suey mcennally,teh other art fair

3. If you are a collector or a gallerist it is a great opportunity to meet emerging artists who have not yet been snapped up by a gallery. It’s a win win situation all round.

Of course there are other reasons for going to Art Fairs as well. If you are an artist it is a great way to see what your contemporaries are doing, you might even grab some inspiration while doing so. Then there are always the quirky things to see such this little teddy. Annoyingly, I forgot to take a photo of the painting it was then. One artist had this teddy in every one of his paintings – very quirky!

Cute Teddy,the other art show,sydney,kadira jennings

Cute Teddy – the star of the show!


This Weeks Question: Which Art fairs have you been to recently?

Look For Next Week’s PostBehind the scenes -3 Keys to success in the studio

A New Body Of Work


If you’ve been following the blog in the last couple of weeks you will know that I’ve been sharing with you some of the different series of works I have painted and how they came about. Today I would like to share with you the latest body of work which is centred around exploring current issues and challenges facing displaced persons and refugees.
This new body of work, examines the underlying problems facing them and their hopes for a better life.

Where can you see it? – it will be exhibited at the Ruby Samadhi gallery in Kincumber  When can you see it? – 1 December to 31 December 2016, more details to follow.

As with some previous bodies of work, this one did not emerge from my fascination with a particular subject or in this case even a conscious awareness around the topic.

I had recently come back from a trip to New Zealand and as I was about to begin a new series of work I thought I would try to loosen up my style somewhat. Although I enjoyed the previous series of works which were floral in nature, by the time I got to the end of that series my work had become quite tight and I wanted to remedy that.  I picked a palette of colours and started splashing paint around, endeavouring to work very intuitively and abstractly.  However as the work progressed I began to see figures emerging from within it.

body of work,Refugee,Kadira Jennings,refugees

The first painting in the series

When the painting was nearly done I was wondering what title to give it when the word refugee popped into my head. At the time I couldn’t figure why, why refugee??? Although the figures in the middle of the painting do look very frightened and harrowed.
A short while later, I was talking to one of my students about the painting. We had previously been discussing how I would like to return to live in New Zealand as I currently live in Australia. At this point in time however, that is not an option for me. When I was telling her about the painting being called Refugee, she looked at me and looked at the painting and said ‘but you’re a refugee, aren’t you? ‘ I was quite astonished as I’d never thought of myself as such.
This got me to thinking further about refugees and displaced persons and so the birth of a new series began. I then quickly developed several paintings from this first one. These subsequent works related to the emotional challenges and hopes that a refugee or displaced person feels.  I feel like a displaced person rather than a refugee. The thing we share in common is being cut off from our homeland, although perhaps in different ways.  

After that I turned to my source material, the photos I had taken on my recent trip to New Zealand and it all began to come together. 

Next week I will share further highlights of this journey as we approach the count down to an exhibition of them.


This Weeks Question: What can we do individually to help alleviate the misery of refugees in our own country.

Look For Next Week’s Post: Why Go To An Art Fair – 3 Fantastic Reasons Why You Should

My Dark Night Of The Soul – How Did I Emerge From It?

My Dark night of the soul found its resolution through a rather unlikely event. For some time I had been looking at a photo that I found on Pinterest of dresses in a wardrobe. I was really drawn to this image although at the time I had no idea what lurked beneath its innocent surface. Anyway, I began painting the image as you can see in the photo below.


Dancing In The Dark – beginnings

As I began to paint the bottom of the dress on the extreme right,  I was suddenly overcome with a huge grief. I was crying and crying and I suddenly realised that I was releasing the grief I had held onto all these years about giving up my dancing. 

It was as if there was a hidden self within me that knew I needed to somehow access this grief and release it. Thus I was drawn to the picture. The funny thing was that I actually came across the photograph almost a year before I ended up painting it. And for the whole year, it was calling to me to paint it but I kept finding excuses and reasons why I didn’t need to do it. But clearly, I did.

Many people don’t realise that works we produce are always a reflection of who we are in some way. It may be reflecting ourselves at the current point in time, or something from the past we need to let go of. As was the case in this painting. 

dark night of the soul,dancing in teh dark,kadira jennings

The first Painting In The Series

What I found quite remarkable about this series of works was the way it operated on two levels. While there was the grief for abandoning my dancing, simultaneously the dresses being stuck in the dark closet seem to somehow echo my grief at not being seen and felt at deeper levels, by my partner. The dresses were beautiful and unappreciated and so was my work. The series continued to evolve as the dresses emerged from the closet and eventually ended up floating freely from a branch, in the wind.

dark night of the soul,kadira jennings

Final Painting In The Series


This Weeks Question: How does your creative work reflect your own life journey?

Look For Next Week’s PostComing Soon, A Sensational New Body Of Work. Where Can You See It?

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