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It is my passionate belief that we all have deep within us a creative genius just waiting for half a chance to get out no matter what field we work or play in.

''There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost. The world will not have it.''
Martha Graham

Today I am going to share with you some photos of wonderful windows I  came across during my travels.   There is something fascinating about doors and windows and what people do with them don’t you think?  I found these in a tiny town in Southland in New Zealand.  It kind of blew me away to see such amazing creativity in a town miles from anywhere.

A flower sculpture in a window

Flower sculpture in a window

And here is the building it was in.

Flower Sculpture in a Southland building

Flower Sculptures in a Southland building

In the distance, you can see the bare green hills behind the building.

Black Swan – Part 2

Further to yesterday’s review I would like to examine the questions this film puts to us in regard to our own creative dedication.

  • How much are you putting of yourself into the piece you are creating?
  • What more might you give?
  • What are you afraid of?
  • If you conquered that fear what brilliance might you then reveal?
  • Are you only striving for technical perfection and if you let that go – what else might happen?

The Black Swan examines the lengths, not only that the ballerina must go to find her best performance, but also that of the ballet master.  So we have layer within layer here.  What lengths must he go to to reveal his vision for Swan Lake. Moreover his vision is dependent on his ability to communicate his vision to the dancer and then her ability to express that.  What must he do to bring that to fruition

Darren Aronofsky the director of this superb film, pushes us to look at the conflicts, the passions and dedication we must all work through to ultimately reach the expression of our highest potential.

The Black Swan and the ballet director,Natalie Portman,Cassel

The Black Swan and the ballet director

Our journeys will look different, but the challenges are essentially the same.

Art it seems demands sacrifice.  Are we willing to pay the price and what is the payoff if we do?  If we look at creatives; musicians, ballerinas, actors and artists so many of the brilliant ones have private lives filled with struggle as they move towards creative surrender.

It is all about the journey!

Pix Credits:   Review: Black Swan

I went to see ‘The Black Swan’ last night. This movie holds many things within it and has a lot to say about the artistic process and its price. The movie examines the world of professional ballet and within the confines of this most difficult and demanding art form, explores the lengths one must go to to uncover their own brilliance.  Where is the line between genius and insanity?

The Black Swan, photo of Natalie Portman as the black swan

Natalie Portman as 'The Black Swan'

While all art form is an expression of the true soul of its creator, ballet it seems to me is perhaps the highest of these.  Why? Because it demands not only technical perfection of the highest degree, but also the ability to express with absolute abandon the core emotion of the piece being danced. The vehicle of expression is the body itself and the performance is inseparable from the the soul.  As with song – true greatness is experienced by the observer when we see the performer totally push beyond the barrier of the self to bring something more which is passed to us.  Like a virus it passes unseen and integrates into our own psyches and becomes part of who we are.

In this case, the dancer must become the Black swan.  We must believe she is.

As an actress I think Natalie Portman gives an outstanding performance.  We are wholly caught up in her struggle.  This is not a movie for the fainthearted, containing disturbing psychological tensions and graphic sexual scenes within it.  So if you haven’t seen it that is something to be aware of.

I would love to read your comments about this film and its exploration of the creative struggle….. to be continued next post.

Pix Credit: http://bit.ly/hnTp8y

Here are some thoughts about mentors and coaches which I am going to look at in a bit more detail:

  • Why do I need a coach?
  • Are a business and life coach the same thing and if not why do I need either?
  • How serious are you about your art career?
  • How is a mentor different to a coach?

In the next few posts I want to discuss all of these ideas.  However so it doesn’t get all too wordy and boring let’s kick off with a photo…..

Singing Tui in Pohutakawa tree

Singing Tui in Pohutakawa tree

I captured this gorgeous fellow on a bush walk at Stony Bay while I was away.

Now where was I? Mentors and coaches….  Why do I need one?

I have a couple of questions for you.  If you have either a mentor or coach,

  • Why do you have them?
  • What do they do for you?
  • Is that person still serving your needs or have you moved on?
  • Do you now require a different kind of support?

For today let’s focus on why it’s actually essential to have a coach.  Yes I did say essential! There are 3 main reasons.  – I give you 3 words:


1. The first main reason is CLARITY.  We cannot see what we cannot see.  Meaning that the hardest thing in the world is to be objective about ourselves.  We are part of the problem so to speak and it often takes an oputside point of view to help us see what we cannot.

2. The second word would be FOCUSED-ACTION.  Once we have clarity, a coach then helps us to focus on what is important, and act upon that.  This could encompass a whole range of activities from breaking through personal blocks to upskilling in a needed area.

3. Thirdly coaches and mentors offer us ACCOUNTABILITY.  It’s so much easier to find excuses as to why we can’t or won’t do things if we only have to speak these reasons to our selves.

‘I can’t make that phone call to the gallery because………..’ fill in the blank.  But if you have to tell some one else that reason, suddenly it might not sound quite so valid, especially if that person is someone you look up to and admire, perhaps an expert in their field.  Suddenly we find a reason to reach a little deeper and go a little further.

In the next post look for:

  • Are a business and life coach the same thing and if not why do I need either?

PS. Please be encouraged to make a comment, share your insights and experiences on this topic.  We all help one another through sharing. The comments button is at the top of the page.

How many of you have a mentor or a coach?

Is it a bit of a prickly issue for you.  I think the thistle below presents a wonderful allegory  for our approach to things we are often hesitant to take on.  Do you know that inside this armoured flower there is a sweet nut that you can eat if you are smart enough to figure out how to dismantle the flower

Scotch Thistle Detailed photo of flower head

Scotch Thistle

without annihilating your fingers in the process?

If you really want to help yourself and move your life and career forward, getting a coach is rather like dismantling the thistle without hurting your self and in the process finding a treasure within ‘yourself’.  Because after all this is all about ‘you’.  Of course we have lots of very good prickly reasons why we dont need a coach or mentor.

However, I highly recommend that you get one.  I have been mentored in the past and also currently have both a business and a personal life coach.

Hmmm …………  I’m sure I can hear some objections floating around in the thought stratosphere out there – after all this is the perfect opportunity for that ‘starving artist’ syndrome to kick in about now……I’m sure you are familiar with the  ‘Mr. or Mrs. I can’t afford it” friend who may well be tapping you on the shoulder right now.

Well guess what – you have tradeable skills!

If you don’t have money then you have to get creative – well artists are good at that – aren’t they?

When I first began with a personal coach, my life was pretty much of a mess – not to mention me….. We have been working together for three years now and I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have her gently keeping me on track.

The first year I worked with her I had bought a coaching package and she was chosen as a match to work with me, as part of that package.  As the year rolled around towards its conclusion and my finances weren’t in very good shape, I said to her that I was going to have to let her go the following year.

Well, you can imagine my complete and utter surprise when she said, “Well I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that.  I would like to do art classes with you, so perhaps we can do a barter arrangement.”  That was about the last thing on earth I expected her to say ! AMAZING!

So we have been swapping our time and respective skills ever since.

The thing is – it never occurred to me to even make that suggestion to her. My questions to you then are; what things might not be occurring to you?  What skills might you be able to swap someone for coaching?

As I am writing this post, I am realizing that there’s a lot more to say on this topic.  Which has also given me another idea.  I am going to do a series of short posts – like a limited edition print – and then later condense them into a down loadable ebook or PDF  available here on the blog.  Wow so much to do!

Do any of you have coaches?  Would you like to comment and share your experience – how it may have helped you, what insights you have gained etc.

Until next time – think abundance, be abundant,  be creative…..

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And just before you go,  check out this beautiful little bee hard at work.  I found him when I was out walking while I was away. What a lovely working environment bees have – I never really thought about that before!

Worker Bee collecting pollen

Worker bee collecting pollen

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