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''There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost. The world will not have it.''
Martha Graham

Today is a little picture story about Firescreek Winery.

Over the years they have been there, Ellie and Peter have established the most beautiful setting.  Wonderful organic gardens, water lily ponds, a rotunda, sculptures and fantastic Wrought Iron gates.

Wrought Iron Gates at Fires Creek Winery

Wrought Iron Gates at Fires Creek

Wrought Iron Gates at Fires Creek Winery detail

Wrought Iron Gates Detail

I used to live on acreage my self so I fully understand the amount of work that goes into keeping up a place like this.  Ellie and Peter do all this work themselves as well as attend to all the other aspects of being vitners. If you live within driving distance – you really must go and visit. It is the perfect setting for a wedding.

I love the quirky things you come across as you wander around the grounds  – like this chandelier in the middle of the rose garden!

Chandelier In The Rose Garden

Chandelier In The Rose Garden

This gorgeous Chandelier in the rose garden must look absloutely stunning in spring when all the roses are out.

Those address details again if you would like to go are:

192 Wattle Tree Rd, Holgate. NSW

Cellardoor Wine Tastings :

Wednesday to Sunday.

10am- 5pm DST

10am- 4pm EST

Checkout Ellie’s website Fires Creek Winery

I recently met an amazing woman, Ellie Walker, whose background is a science degree. Ellie and her partner Peter Buteux have been involved in making fruit wines for the last 25 years.

Elly Walker Fires Creek Winery

Elly Walker Fires Creek Winery

Ellie has done many different things over the years and is one of the most creative people I have met.  Her and her partner Peter live on a beautiful property in Holgate on the Central Coast of NSW in Australia, about an hours drive from Sydney. This post is the story of how Ellie and Peter got started in their wine making venture.

I met Ellie by chance after seeing a notice she had posted on a local library notice board, offering free gallery space to artists.  Well you can imagine my surprise when I rang her and she said she had only had a couple of responses to her notice and so far no one had turned up!  Consequently I went to see her and we have now organized to have 3 exhibitions in her exhibition space.

A week or so after meeting with Ellie, I rang her back and said, ‘would you be open to me doing an interview for my blog?’ and she was – so here we are….

Kadira: “So Ellie, would you mind introducing your self and telling me a bit about your background?”

Ellie: “….we started off making wines when we were first married, we had a little organic orchard and began making wine from the fruit produced. ”

Kadira: “So have you always used organic fruits and things?”

Ellie: “Well as much as we can.  Anything we grow is always organic.  We can’t always guarantee what we buy in, but sometimes I manage to source some organic fruits, but not all the time.”

Kadira: “So what started you making wine in the first place?”

Ellie: “We bought this 1/4 acre block with the second house that we owned and the previous  owners had removed all the grass and planted fruit trees.  So it was full of fruit trees and underneath they had chickens grazing and fertilizing it.  There were plums and apricots, and figs and oranges and lemons, every possible fruit you could imagine.

At that time we had a young family and didn’t have a lot of money.  We wanted to use all the produce that we had.  We’d come out of the university mindset of making do with what you have and at the time some other university friends gave us these magazines – Grass Roots Magazine ‘

Kadira: ‘I know that magazine, I used to read it myself!’

Ellie: ‘You know that magazine?’

Kadira: ‘ Yeah  yeah!’

Photo of unusual cork screws

An Eclectic Collection Of Cork Screws At Fires Creek Winery

Ellie: ‘Well that was a real turn around for us then, for we found a direction I guess as young adults we found a direction of what we wanted to do and how we wanted to bring our children up. So I used to read all the magazines, and in the magazines there was fruit wine making, and I had all this…. making jams and chutneys – and putting it out on boxes and giving it away, just as my parents did when we were kids.

So we struck on wine making to use up all this fruit.  There was a little wooden cabin in the back yard and we started making wine in there.  Our first little winery, which was not much more than a garden shed.  It was our own miniature winery and after that we moved out into the country to near Wollombi.

We were very much involved in the earth gardening and building and we built a mud brick house out there.’

Kadira:’Oh wow – did you?  That’s a lot of work!’

Ellie: ‘Yeah – it took us about 4 years to build the house.  I think we moved about 150 tons of mud .  We were on solar power only  and had no mains water  so the water supply was very limited. We couldn’t develop the winery as we wanted to because of this.’

Kadira: ‘So how did you end up coming to the Central Coast and starting up your winery here?’

Ellie: ‘ Well by the time our children were approaching high school age we wanted more opportunity for them and a possibility for them to attend university if they wanted to, so we moved to the Central Coast.’

To be continued …. find out how long it took Ellie and Peter to establish their winery in Holgate and what else they are doing.

Fires Creek Winery Today

Fires Creek Winery Today

If you would like to visit Fires Creek Winery and see Ellie and Peter’s wonderful place for yourselves,

in the beautiful Matcham/Holgate Valley.

192 Wattle Tree Rd, Holgate. NSW

Cellardoor Wine Tastings :

Wednesday to Sunday.

10am- 5pm DST

10am- 4pm EST

Checkout Ellie’s website Fires Creek Winery – which she built herself, no less – I tell you she really is a woman of many talents!

Now for the third kind of coaching.  I touched briefly on this in my Mentors and Coaches for Artists post.

The greatest favour you can ever do yourself is to work with a personal coach.  Here are some more benefits of this relationship:

  • Your coach has distance from your life. They get the big picture, which by the  way, you can’t do without help.
  • He/she will work with you at a very personal level which is the area we need to look at. Rich Schreffren says,’There is only one thing getting in the way of your success and that is you.’
  • The person you have this relationship with comes to know you better than probably anyone else in your life.  Not only that, the relationship is such that you allow them to call you on your stuff, to tell it like it is and then follow their advice – mostly LOL!
  • This is a very unique and special relationship in your life, offering you a level of support that no one else does.  They hold up a mirror of your own behaviour and help you make the changes you need to so you can get out of your own way and move forward.
  • This relationship often develops into a long and lasting friendship.

Its a fascinating process – I highly recommend it.

I would love to hear your thoughts – perhaps there are other benefits I’ve missed ??

A strip of roses

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You may be interested to know that Michael Masterson, whom I mentioned in the previous post, still works with mentors and coaches, even though he is incredibly successful at what he does.  I think this in itself speaks volumes!

So what is the other type of coach he recommends? This is someone who works with you at a closer level .  They may not be the best in their field but they understand the mechanics of it and they are, more importantly, able to teach that to you.  For example if you want to learn artistic technique, a brilliant artist may not be a good teacher.  Rather, of more value to you,  would be someone who knows the techniques and how to get the best out of you, someone who has the tricks and tips and how to pass them on even though they may not be a hugely selling artist.  A great teacher/coach  in this vein is a rare treasure and if you find one, hang on to them until you have learnt all they have to share with you.

In terms of techniques there are so many different sources of information available to us these days  –  but the problem is that many of them give us no feed back.  How am I doing? What might I do next – related to my own artwork?

A coach or mentor on the other hand, will hold you accountable and push you to greater things than you thought possible.  When you are ready to give up they will give you a reason to give it a go one more time around- and wow are you glad they did! They will cajole, encourage, and get tough when you most need it.

Next post I would like to put forward one more level to the coaching triad which I believe is indispensable…… see you there

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Do you want to be a successful artist?  What does success mean to you? These are just two of the questions a coach might ask you?  Have you asked yourself these questions lately and what were the answers?

At the beginning of February I did a couple of posts on coaching and received a request for more on this topic.  So just to let you know,  this is a continuing topic I will be pursuing over time, as I believe it is critical to our success in any endeavour – no matter what our field is.  One thing creative people are often accused of is being insular hermits, stuck inside their studios.  Well If you want success as an artist its highly unlikely that it will find you there.

This morning I was listening to an interview with Michael Masterson, successful entrepreneur and founder of Agora Publishing. During this interview he touched on the subject of coaches and mentoring and I would like to share some of these insights with you.

He was saying that it is essential that we have a mentor and not only that, but we really need two different kinds of mentors or coaches.

Shadowed - by Judith White

Shadowed - by Judith White, a mentor of mine in my early days as an artist

Firstly we need a mentor who has been very successful in the field we are interested in, which might be a living artist who sells well.  You can get a certain amount of information from autobiographies as well, but this is not a coaching/mentoring relationship.  You need to think about whose success you would like to emulate?  To define this he recommends only choosing someone who has had repeat success e.g several sell out exhibitions.  In other words, they are not a one hit wonder.

This person you might only see or interact with once a month or so.  However what they posess are the insider secrets to success in your industry.  So if you are an artist, having an art gallery owner as this type of mentor would not work because they are only one part of your industry.  You would need to go to a successful artist and ask them to mentor you.  They can provide you with both artistic input and business insights as well.

My next post will outline the other kind of mentor you need to find.

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Following on from Monday’s post, I just had to share Dessert with you.  What a treat.  Baked peaches filled with almond meal soaked in a liqueur, melted chocolate and coconut with a meringue on top, baked in the oven and served with a delicious Red Berry Sauce.

Stuffed Peaches

Stuffed Peaches

Again – what a delight to the eye. Well done Mim! And her number again in case you missed Monday’s post is Ph. 43852837

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