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Hi I'm Kadira Jennings, welcome to Unfolding Creativity, a portal to Abundance Through Creativity.

I am a creative artist celebrating and encouraging the creative in all of us.

My blog is a discussion, and creativity resource. Please take your time, look around and join the conversation if you would like to.
It is my passionate belief that we all have deep within us a creative genius just waiting for half a chance to get out no matter what field we work or play in.

''There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost. The world will not have it.''
Martha Graham

I was in the Sydney CBD  last week where renovating has been going on FOR-EVA!  I happened to glance through a partly open doorway of one of the unfinished shops to see some fascinating lights.

Mysterious new lights,Wrapped Chandeliers

A Chandalier With A Difference

Wrapped chandaliers -  photo taken during shop refurbishment.

Mysterious new lights

Unusual Lights - Wrapped chandaliers

A New Lighting Solution?

This is proving to be a very thought provoking exercise – on the subject of secret codes.  The more I delve into the topic the more I realize how much of our lives are coded.  Symbols and symbolism are  forms of coding.  It  is everywhere from language, represented by a huge variety of written alphabets, to street signs and even color and music.  Today’s page in the sketchbook is all about color.

Every color has a particular vibrational wave length.  We live in a vibrational universe where everything from the cells in our bodies to the molecules in the mountains are vibrating – all at different rates, consequently the colors we wear and surround ourselves with affect how we feel and even act.

Over time, different colors have come to symbolize different emotions and states of being. It is well to bear in mind however that culturally not all colors have the same representation .

Sketchbook Project - Color, a page showing the meanings of color

The Meaning Of Colors

Creative Re-creation

Are there different kinds of creativity.  Well I believe there are – well for me anyway.  Being mainly a visual artist – an oil painting artist and creator of digital photo art, I sometimes feel that I need a break from this form of creating.  I want to do something to relax a bit.  Painting can get a bit too intense, deep and meaningful and all that stuff.  So this week just for fun I thought I would begin a new project.  This started out actually as a present for someone and has morphed into something else.

I have decided that for the moment I am really enjoying making jewellery.  I’m playing with the most delicious colours, textures and shapes, using: silver, semi precious stones, crystals, beautiful shells, pearls and anything else that catches my eye.

Jewellery Making Components: glass beads, paua shell, murano glass and silver Bali beads

Jewels for Jewellery

This is creative recreation for me, I find it soothing, just losing myself in the selection of beautiful objects and building the designs piece by piece.  There is no pressure to complete, deadlines to drive me or hidden agendas to deal with.  Bliss!

This has become an exploration of the creative process on another level.  To create something unique and beautiful is my purpose and to know that it is expanding into existence for one special person in the world – this is an exciting, fascinating process.   Every necklace I am making is a unique piece that is on its way to finding its owner.  Eventually they will end up on my Facebook page for sale, but the whole process is not about that.  I have often fallen into the trap of trying to paint with only money in mind – it never, ever produces good work.  Hence I am avoiding doing that here.

Well Last week my recognition angel was certainly hard at work I think.  I already mentioned the blog award and being hung in the Hornsby Art Prize, well I forgot to tell you that the day before all that I  had my blog accepted by the Best Of the Web, Directory – which I’d applied to some time ago and totally forgotten about.

They have listings of what they consider to be the best blogs in each  of their categories. If you have a blog yourself you might be interested in checking them out to submit your own blog or even just to check out the other interesting blogs they have there.

And here’s something to look at just for fun.

Fair Clowns, Side Show Clowns

Fair Clowns

Calendar 2011

Even though I was in shabby health the last couple of weeks,  I was deternined to  get some Christmas Cards and a 2011 Calendar done.   So yeah – I did it!  Here are some images from the calendar and cards….

2011 Calendar- Kadira's Calendar of inspirational sayings and creative images

2011 Calendar - Jan/Feb

I even managed to finally get a shopping cart happening on my face book page.

I found a great free program to do that.  So if you are wanting to amp up your Facebook Page here is a link to the app for you. Shopping cart for facebook. Its easy to use and offers a good amount of flexibility.

Christmas Card with angel

Christmas card with angel

Christmas Card with Angel and Digital Photo Art

Christmas Card with Angel -Digital Photo Art

Last week I was accepted into the juried Hornsby Art Prize! I went to the opening on Saturday night – and wow it was a very impressive turnout.  The caterers out did themselves and the standard of the entries was very high.  There was a range of very different, high quality art styles.

One of the Judges, Marianne Newman, made some interesting comments.  She said, “I look at how the artist has treated the genre to make sure they are creating something from themselves, not just copying another work.  I like to see something a bit novel and I want sincerity of expression. I like to see the spirit of the artist.”

I think it is refreshing to know that the person judging your work has this point of view.  The diversity of work hung, certainly reflected her ethos.

I entered the painting ‘Beginnings’.

Digital Photo Art,Art NZ,New Zealand Artwork,Abstract Landscape Paintings by Kadira Jennings


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