Prisoner Of The Heart

Prisoner Of The Heart is an intensely personal piece which I have debated about even posting here. Sometimes I find that the work flows and sometimes it is extremely difficult. I have decided to tell the story of this piece, as it may help others of you out there who are struggling ‘with the work’. Never under estimate the power of your work to speak to you, the artist.  If you allow it to, it can unlock things within you that you never realized were there.  As was the case for me in this painting.

Prisoner of the Heart  by Kadira Jennings

Prisoner of the Heart

To begin with I couldn’t decide what to paint so I thought I would troll through Pinterest and see if anything caught my eye. Well it did.  I developed this piece from a digital work I saw there. I had decided several times that I wouldn’t work on it, however in the absence of anything else, I found myself being constantly drawn back to it. It was like I just had to paint it.

So I began. I got about half way through and ground to a halt. I was crying so much I could barely see the canvas. and I had to keep stopping every five minutes. About this stage the figure in the middle developed and it filled me with so much sadness. I could hardly work on the piece for longer than half an hour at a time and then I had to go out and take a break, have a cup of tea or read a book – or both. What was strange, was that even though the sadness was overwhelming, I knew the painting wasn’t about me. The whole experience was so intense I had to work on it all day until I felt it was finished.

Later, on reflection about what had been going on here, I realized that this work was about my mother and her experiences as a young girl. You may not know it, but we all store emotion in our bodies as young children, that is projected at us, often unconsciously, by our parents.  My mother always seemed to be sad and this painting, finally allowed me to release the sadness that I had held onto for years and years, that I had absorbed from my mother. Painting from this depth of soul connection takes great courage, and I nearly gave up several times, however I was so glad I persevered in the end.

Not every painting is meant to be a great work of art.  However some paintings are born to teach us more about ourselves.  I encourage you to allow these paintings to flow from within you.

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