I am going to take you through  the process of how to put on a group exhibition yourself.

So where to begin?

In the mind map below, I have outlined all the things you need to begin thinking about.  A group exhibition requires some fore thought and planning.  It’s not just a case of grabbing some paintings and throwing them on the wall!  The mind map is a basic plan of what you need to consider and future blog posts will deal with the different branches, guiding you through the steps you will be wanting to follow.

Mind map of how to set up an exhibition

Exhibition Mind Map

So yes,  it looks like a lot of work and I won’t lie to you – it is.  But don’t panic – what I am offering you is a step by step, of  simplified steps on how to go about this.

I have done solo exhibitions both in galleries and on my own, plus been involved in many group exhibitions, both as a participant and as the initiator.

So what is the first step?  It’s quite simple really, determine:

  • Why do I want to put on this exhibition?
  • When you are clear about this you will be able to focus on what is important.

Then ask your self –

  • Do I want to have  a theme? e.g. pets or animals and birds, or perhaps portraits etc. You don’t have to have one, however this is important because it will determine –
  • Who do I want to exhibit with?

As we go along I am going to keep you up with what’s happening here in 3D reality with my own student’s exhibition.

So that is my group – my art students.  Next post I will look at what problems or issues this type of a group might present.

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