I want to talk about this a bit more because it is a fairly complex subject albeit an important one.  By sharing how I have developed my style, I hope  to enable you to get clearer about the things that tie your own work together.

It helps to look at your work and say to yourself – ‘ Now if I was having a retrospective exhibition what works would I choose to put into it?’  An important tool to help you gain greater insight into your work, is photographs. First gather pictures of all your works and lay them out on the floor or table in your workspace.  Group them first into stylistic sections that demonstrate each phase of your development.  Then break these groups into themes such as,  bright splashes of colour, trees, people and shoes.  You might also have another series of works where those bright splashes have turned into blockier shapes.  The subjects painted might be – trees, cats and doorways.  Look for the things that would link the images.

Ungrouped Paintings

Ungrouped Paintings

In a retrospective exhibition you might then group all the tree pictures of different styles together.  This gives insight into both your journey as an artist st stylistically and your statement about trees.  You have created a link between your works and offer your viewers substance as an artist .

Grouped Paintings

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