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So my first review is not by me but by  Melanie Sage – I have reproduced her review of  art journaling book  1,000 Artist Journal Pages. Even though she has contributed to this book I feel her comments are worthwhile and the book certainly gives a huge amount of inspiration and ideas for ones own journaling processes.

Here is what she had to say –

She gave it 5 out of 5 stars –  amazing to feel a part of so many stories shared through pages, July 1, 2008
By Melanie Sage “art journaler, social worker, and book buyer”
This review is from: 1,000 Artist Journal Pages: Personal Pages and Inspirations (1000 Series) (Paperback)
I just got my book today and was going to email Dawn personally to tell her how great it turned out, but then decided I should share it here with other potential readers too.

When I heard about the book, I was afraid that the pages inside were going to be tiny thumbnails, or a lot of stuff from a few people like many books on the market. Neither of these problems are true… the pages are big enough that I could read the journal text from just about every page. That’s another part of my praise… most of the pages include real journaling, not just collage in a book labeled as “art journaling” as I have seen before, which is less my preference.

The neat thing about being able to read the words on pages was to be connected with so many people that have so many of the same anxieties about being enough and doing enough… artists connected on so many planes in so many ways. I also really liked that, because of the many pages in the book, I began to recognize what types of pages caught my attention. I realized that I want to be able to work in the brighter colors that I was drawn to in the book.

There was also really great contrast in pages that were simple to complex, and I realized I really liked a lot of the very sparse stenciled pages. And pages were submitted from international audiences too, not just people from the US. There are also several submissions from men. I was happy that the collection of pages reached different demographics, and I saw many new names alongside those artists I’ve long admired.

I was reading one page in the book and saw references to local places (Saint Cupcake and Lincoln School) and realized it must be another Portlander. This made me wish that the names alongside the pages included city and state of the artists, as it gave me added energy to know about the local creative forces at play.

I have several pages in the book, and my books were handled kindly and photographed well. My name was spelled right. All that was cool. Dawn also accepted a submission of one of my mother’s art journal pages. My mother died last August and would have adored this book. It is really an honor to have her page next to mine, and I look forward to sharing the book with my family.

I don’t know Dawn and have only had contact with her in relationship to submitting my pages. But I am honestly impressed by how well done this book is, even outside my limited contribution. It is image heavy, and the pages are rich, honest,deep, serious and fun. There is much range in the styles, but the selection of contributed pages is quite excellent. I think this book will provide inspiration to a wide range of art journalers, and is not a repeat of any past books on the subject. It’s a keeper.