Sacred Time – what is that?

Simply put, sacred time is time that you earmark for you and you alone. As an artist, you need alone time – no one else around. If you can’t find time for aloneness or you are not comfortable with it, you might need to have a think

Sacred Time, solitary figure photo


about why that is. Yes we are alone in the studio, however we also need to create space and time for just being, with ourselves – a walk on the beach, by a lake or in the park – somewhere outdoors, is great for charging your batteries and refreshing your head space.

Sacred Time artist painting photo


The you can get into the studio with fresh spirit.

However something else that really needs to happen is for your studio space to be a designated, off-limits area to others when you are in there working. It is your Sacred Space for creating.  You need to be able to feel that it is your space to control in every aspect of what happens in it.

Sacred Time,art studio photo

 This can be a very difficult boundary to get happening as the significant others in our lives often don’t see that we are actually engaged in doing something important. Not only do they not see that they are encroaching on our creative space boundaries, even more importantly, they don’t see that they are stealing our precious time away. Your Sacred Time.  Time is your most precious resource.  It is expendable yet unrenewable. Guard it and jealously hoard it, so you then have an abundance of it to splurge on your creative works when you need to.  Don’t allow others to steal it, waste it or dribble it away from you. Time is more precious than diamonds.

Can you show me an artist who has enough time for painting? Aren’t we always scrounging for those extra minutes somewhere and yet we allow others to steal them away….. Be strong.  Stand up for your Artist/Creator. Don’t think other people are more important than you getting your creative visions into reality.  Why? Because no one else has your vision – they can’t do it – only you can.  So Do IT!

Posted by: Kadira Jennings

Photo by Key Foster

Young artist pix by Ben_Kerckx (Pixabay)

Photo by Clay Gilliland

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