Cheshire cat

The question to ask is not whether I have talent or not .  Rather, you would be better to ask yourself what direction in life you want to go.  Is your creative inner being REALLY calling to you ? Well of course it is – you just may not have recognized that fact yet.

“One day Alice came to a fork in the road and saw a Cheshire cat in a tree. ‘Which road do I take?’ she asked.

“Where do you want to go?”was his response.

“I don’t know,” Alice answered.

“Then,” said the cat, “it doesn’t matter.”” – Lewis Carroll

Are you heeding your soul’s urge to create or ignoring it with a barrage of ‘really good reasons’ why it can’t be done? Despite our mental protestations to the contrary, our actions always tell us what is most important in our lives.

However we must always start from where we are now. Many students who come to see me are in the middle years of their lives and have finally found the time to catch up with something they have always wanted to do. If you are stuck, struggling or simply overwhelmed and don’t know how to start being creative or how to embrace your creative urges more fully – start small.  A short workshop is often a good way to test out whether a given subject really does appeal to you or not.  It is a small step in terms of time and commitment and will give you an idea of whether you want to make a bigger investment in terms of time and money.

Today’s Question: Where are you in your life and are you doing what you really want to do? Are you listening to your creative voice?

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