Welcome To My Students Gallery!

Here are some photos of works my students have done.  Many of these students are still currently working with me and I take great pleasure in sharing their works and achievements with you.

For many more student works please pop over to my art classes site.

Stephanie Muldoon

Stephanie has been with me for a couple of years now. Here are some of her works…

Tiger Eyes

Tiger Eyes

Tiger Eyes, which is her best work to date, a beautifully crafted piece in oils. And below…

Old bridge

Old bridge – Stephanie Muldoon

Old Bridge also an oil painting – a great success for Stephanie.


Steve Alison

Steve has been with me for about 6 years now.  He is a screen printer by trade and has developed his own wonderful style using a palette knife during the time we have worked together.

His latest painting is a rock face done in pastels, titled Pigface, after the succulent in the picture.

Pig face

Pig face

Lonely Castle was the first work we did together.

Lonely Castle - Steve Allison

Lonely Castle – Steve Allison

When he first came to me he was working on quite small canvasses and doing pretty traditional kind of stuff.  He now works exclusively with a palette knife , building up thick layers of paint and creating very magical, subtle effects .

Tree, Leaf, Pond

Tree, Leaf, Pond – Steve Alison 2011©



Tree, Leaf, Pond took Steve over a year to complete and is a painstaking work completed using water soluble oils and a palette knife.


Stephanie Lewis
This is I about Stephanie’s 5th work with  I think.   She is currently working in pastels ,  and has copied the work from one of Richard Schmidts works.  Richard is one of my favourite artists – This was a very ambitious attempt on her part for tow reasons.  One it was her first portrait and two she was copying from an oil painting, a different medium  which in itself presents technical challenges.  She has done an excellent job.

Portrait of a Young Man - Stephanie Lewis

Portrait of a Young Man: Stephanie Lewis after -Richard Schmidt

The next work is also a pastel, which she copied from a painting also.  The big challenge here was that there was not a lot of detail in the source material.  Stephanie however has lived and breathed horses for many years and she has an instinctive understanding of how they  move and look.  We can see the impact of this in the way she has represented the spirit of the horse in her work.

Wild Eyed Beauty - Stephanie Lewis

Wild Eyed Beauty – Stephanie Lewis

This year in August there was great excitment  as Stephanie was  the winner of the People’s Choice Award for 2010 in the Fabulous Fakes Art Prize.

Read the whole story.

Woman Combing Her Hair -Stephanie Lewis -after Degas

Woman Combing Her Hair -Stephanie Lewis -after Degas

Phoebe Chung

Phoebe is a relatively new student with me and has only just completed her very first Oil Painting.  This is a beautiful copy of a pastel work. Nasturtiums.

Nasturtiums - oil painting

Nasturtiums – Phoebe Chung

Jo Hawkins

Jo is another watercolour gal  – and has tried out several different techniques with me since beginning early last year 09. Here are some examples of her work.   The first one is a copy after one of Roland Roycraft’s work from the book  Fill Your Watercolors With Light and Color

In the Forest - after Roland Roycraft

In the Forest – after Roland Roycraft

Another work by Jo was inspired by Mike Ward from The New Spirit of Watercolor.

Beautiful Butterfly - after Mike Ward

Beautiful Butterfly – after Mike Ward

And last but certainly not least is her latest work – hot off the press so to speak – and we were very excited about it because this is her first attempt at something completely on her own without me standing over her shoulder making useful comments! So well done Jo

Sunday Walk ©2010 Jo Hawkins

Sunday Walk ©2010 Jo Hawkins

Susan Wilkinson

Red Tulip ©2010 Sue Wilkinson - Watercolour

Red Tulip ©2010 Sue Wilkinson – Watercolour

Sue  started with me not long ago  – she was a complete beginner and has progressed with the difficult medium of water colours very quickly – have a look at what she is doing.

Deborah Lhota

Deborah has been working with me for about 18 months.  Her and Stephanie are friends and began about the same time.  She began with learning the fundamentals in charcoal drawing and progressed to pastels.  Here are two of yer most recent works, and as you can see she has reached a high standard.  This week – Aug 2010 – she began her first oil painting with me and is tackling an ambitious copy of a pointillist work.

Here are her beautiful pastel paintings.

La toilette after: Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Deborah Lhota (Pastel)

Pink Tulip: Deborah Lhota 2010 (Pastel)

Pink Tulip: Deborah Lhota 2010 (Pastel)


Deborah Lhota

At last, I have discovered art classes that suit me perfectly.  Kadira Jennings is a very skilled and experienced artist and has an extraordinary ability to bring out the creative best in her students.  Although I have always had an interest in art, creating a finished product I was happy with seemed to elude me.

Kadira provides personalized tuition, small classes and individual attention.  This means that my artistic skills have progressed in leaps and bounds in a relatively short period of time – something I was not expecting when I started.

I am now producing art works I feel happy to frame and hang on the walls in my own home.

I thank Kadira for her special combination of artistic ability, persistence, patience and lovely personality. She has helped me to open my eyes to creativity, providing a comfortable, fun environment in which it can safely blossom.

I thoroughly recommend Kadira Jennings to anyone interested in pursuing their creative side.

Deborah Lhota


Advanced Holistic Research Pty Ltd

Sue Wilkinson 

I have been an art student of Kadira Jennings for the past six months.  I have not participated in any art form since leaving school just over 40 years ago.  Kadira is teaching me to paint with watercolours.  I love the soft translucent, as well as the strong colours watercolours offers.  I have found the classes Kadira offers have opened my eyes to everything around me. Kadira’s love and enthusiasm for all mediums of art, shows through in her expertise of teaching.

The small friendly classes allow for a substantial amount of individual attention.  Her subtle guidance is warm and friendly allowing one to feel confident to express yourself.  Each time I leave class I feel as though I have achieved and learnt something new and can’t wait for the next session.  I feel very confident in recommending Kadira’s art classes.

Jo Hawkins

I have been painting with Kadira for a year now.

In that time I have gone from a complete novice  to having developed a sound understanding of the colour and the techniques required for watercolour.

Kadira is a wonderful teacher, very encouraging but offering welcomed constructive criticism.  Her eye for detail is incredible.  Although I still have much to learn I feel that when I do pick up my brush now I do so with confidence.