We all have our own way of doing things, but is it always the best way?  Do we on occasion,  ignore practices that might be more useful for us?  Sometimes the ego can really work against us to the point where we just don’t even want to be open to what someone else might suggest.

An illustration of this point was bought home to me this evening in a conversation with, a young rap artist, who is currently recording his first album.   I was asking him how his music was going and offered some suggestions about caring for his voice.  I spoke about how singers and speakers I know personally,  spend at least 20 minutes warming their voices up before performing, whether that is for recording or live performance.  My premise that the voice is an instrument, which needs and deserves special care and attention, was a totally foreign concept for him. His first comment was ‘ I just do it naturally’.  There was a lot of discussion and defensiveness, spoken and otherwise before he even considered that the idea might be valid.

When confronted with a new idea he had a choice of going into resistance or being open to it.   If  we resist we work against ourselves and become closed to possibility.  It can take a long time to grasp a new idea because we are so often stuck in our view of what is right for us.  This means that we are unable to change due to our attachment to the status quo.

One of the most important skills we can develop as artists in any discipline is to be open.  We don’t have to accept what others say but if we remain open to their input  and ideas, we can often add something of value which will enhance our art practice.

My Way

Are you aware of  how you close your self to possibility?  Are you always open to at least listening to others ideas and comments and examining them for merit?  What might be worthy of keeping or what should you ignore?

Picture Credit: Muddy Waters