I guess the problem with our achieving success, whatever that might look like for us individually, the biggest problem, when all’s said and done, is ourselves! Which is not something most of us want to hear.  After all wouldn’t it be nice if someone would give us a magic formula and we could just implement and hey presto – Success!!

Unfortunately life is just not like that. The only thing that is stopping you from being successful is YOU!

Why? you might ask.

The simple answer is that it actually comes back to the universal laws of manifestation. Whatever is showing up in your life right now is EXACTLY what you are focused on, or have been focused on in the recent past. This is true, regardless of what profession you have or don’t have. If you are getting work as an actor, or if you can’t seem to land that book deal that’s just out of reach, if you are having group exhibitions and are the only one not selling your work….. ALL OF IT is because of where your heart and head are at.

When you get into alignment with what you REALLY want then it can come to you. If you don’t believe me, think back to a time when you really wanted something with all your heart. You were passionate about it – you thought about it often and when you thought about it, you felt really great. Did that thing show up in your life?

Now think about an opposite experience.  Is there something you often used to think and FEEL negatively about ? And did that end up showing up in your life also? I can think of several instances of this happening for me.  You know the best advice I have heard on the subject states that no matter what you want, your first job is to get in a place where you are feeling happy.  What brings JOY into your life?  It is different for all of us.

The joy and wonder of a ferris wheel

The joy and wonder of a ferris wheel

Make a list of JOYFUL things and then go and do one of them.

THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT. Why? because when you are happy you are in a space that allows those things your want to flow to you. So if your success is not happening look to how you can bring more joy into your life.

This Weeks Question: How are you going to contribute to your success this week?



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