Last post we were discussing the roll of play and success. I asked you to think about some reasons why we might not play enough as adults,

Here are some ideas I came up with….

I think some of the main reasons we don’t engage in frivolous play as adults are:

  • We care too much about what others think of us
  • We don’t want to appear to be silly
  • We consider it is not important enough to warrant spending our precious time on it
  • Or we think it is just a plain waste of time!


Well I’m afraid that all of these reasons are really  just plain nonsense.  The more research there is being done into creativity the more apparent it is becoming that PLAY is THE MOST FUNDAMENTAL element in nurturing one’s creativity.

And yet we are afraid to play.

Some people – famous people even, really get the play thing – two that spring to mind immediately are –

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp as the loveable rogue Jack- Sparrow



Richard-Branson - Millionaire Adventurer

Richard-Branson – Millionaire Adventurer

Both these men understand the value and importance of play and actively demonstrate this in their own lives.  Both of them are hugely successful in their own fields.

Fun frees our Creativity. Its like adding oil to a squeeky wheel.

So what are some of the important elements of an activity that might stick it into the ‘PLAY’ box for you. Here are some ideas about that

  • It is FUN !!!! REALLY, REALLY important
  • It is something you want to do
  • It may be challenging
  • It makes you laugh and feel happy
  • It might be exhilarating
  • It is not something that you HAVE to do – there is no feeling of OBLIGATION involved
Grace on a slide

Play can make you feel free, exhilarated and happy all at the same time!


This Weeks Question: Can you make a list of 5 play activities that you do regularly?

 Next Week Look For: Success and Attitude


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