I recently touched on the idea of an Inner Critic.  This nasty little alter ego that we all have drives some of us mercilessly.  Not only does it judge us by our own harsh  standards but also by the judgements we think everyone else is going to be heaping on us as well.

Grace walking

Unless of course we are children and invincible!

It matters not whether you are an artist, a plumber , a lawyer,  a bee keeper, or even out of work. It is there – hovering over your shoulder ready to stick in it’s 2 cents worth if you give it half a chance.  So what to do?

Here are some ideas on how to control this pesky fellow…..

  • Firstly acknowledge that he/she exists as an entity separate from you
  • To help with this – draw, paint,  sculpt, what he/she looks like – does he/she have a name?
  • Secondly you need to determine that you are actually in control – that YOU get to say whether or not you choose to allow him/her to have any say at all.
  • Thirdly you might ask – but how can I stop him/her – he/she just turns up in my head and lets fly.  Heres a couple of tricks –

a. Imagine you have a big dial you can turn up or down that controls the volume of  your critic speaking to you.  Then turn down the volume to zero and refuse to listen.

b. Imagine yourself tying a gag on him/her.

c. Imagine a rubbish bin – you could paint it all different colors if you like – and when Mr or Mrs  Critic pops up – well just put it in the bin and put the lid on very firmly and walk away. You could even erect a sound barrier around the bin if you felt like it.

Inner Critic

Inner Critic